Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear

Pierpaolo Piccioli showed his spring/summer 2017 ready to wear collection early this October and it is breathtaking. The bright feminine colors and rich but very delicate fabrics that almost give the appearance of floating leave you feeling happy, romantic and ready for some cotton candy. It has a bohemian feel but with a cool girl edge that we are sure to see a lot of this coming spring. One thing that I cannot stop thinking about is the double bag trend. It has been shown in numerous different collections dating all the way back to the 2014 Chanel Spring/Summer Show. On almost all of the models they carried these adorable gold & silver lipstick compacts layered with a dainty mini bag. In the words of Sean Connery "I like women. I don't understand them, but I like them." some things just don't need to be understood its just so good that it makes sense. True story when I was in the 6th grade everyone in my class got an award from our teacher. For example best at math, most witty, most likely to succeed and I got, wait for it... lipgloss queen. Yes I know what you're thinking, how inspirational. Looking back I'm sure I would have longed to of received something like maybe most kind, most creative.. or a nice friend but I guess in the end I will choose to embrace my shiny lipped title apply another coat of lipgloss and continue to swoon over this new must have accessory. 

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Photos via VOGUE
View the full show below it's sure to make you smile. 


Shopping Cart Charades

If your like me you constantly have numerous pages open on your laptop which inevitably drives your husband crazy but you explain to him honey I can easily close them out once I purchase everything thats in them so we can either be a team here and you can help me by getting out your wallet or the pages will stay open and the carts will remain full. 

Usually the answer goes a little something like..

J: "but you have a whole closet full of clothes.."

In which I will reply with a smile...

Me: "Shows how much you know buddy...  Velvet, Satin and Sock boots are in this season, none of which can be found in my closet. Also sweaters are just a must because duh I will inevitably get cold and a new pair of jeans never hurt anybody."
J: "The whole velvet thing will just make you look like your from game of thrones."
Me: "But no look at how amazing SJP looks in this velvet dress.. I need this dress"
J: "Well I mean if SJP is in it lol"
Me: "Hey you wanna watch Hocus Pocus?"

Now to the carts, here is what I am wanting, currently bought or am still drooling over.

First up is knit, it will forever be one of my favorite things. I cannot resist a super soft cozy sweater, much like a good denim or crisp white button-down it is my weakness. Also turtle necks... maybe it's my deep love affair for Diane Keaton I'm not sure but I cannot not walk by one without swooning over it and I need them ALL now.

Street Chic' Pajamas?

Satin inspired lounge wear is big for this season.. Whatttt? This is the greatest thing since boyfriend jeans hit the market and you can definitely count me in if someone is telling me its cool to wear your pj's out! We have also seen numerous celebs going out makeup less, and bra less so basically being a girl is pretty great right about now! I may wait on the whole #freethenip trend but I'm all in on a fresh face and a new set of silk pajamas for fall.

Boots oh boots I love you so.

I literally have triple the amount of boots in my closet then I do all of my other shoes. I get so excited every fall to see whats new, I like to grab a hot tea and slowly make my way through the Neimans & Nordstrom shoes section searching and looking at each and every pair. Dissecting the heel, hardware and material its made up of. Searching every nook and cranny as if I were Martha Stewart on crack until I find the most perfect pairs to bring home. It's literally like therapy, also comparable to walking into Target alone with no agenda, nowhere to be just an empty cart, overly salted popcorn and a Starbucks to keep you company. It is true love.

If you are still wanting to partake in the whole over the knee boot trend I think I found two really great options that are the best in quality, price and fit. Option one is best for the vertically challenged like myself. I reach a whopping five foot two on a good day so if thats you then I would totally recommend the Via Spiga boot as it hits just a few inches over the knee so not coming up too high which I find can be a problem for us more petit people of the world. I love its smooth soft leather look on the front of the boot and how the back is a stretch fit so it fits snug along your calf and looks great with dresses, jeans or leggings. Now if you are more fortunate in the height department I would totally recommend the Rebecca Minkoffs as they look high end with a smooth snug fit and soft leather look. These came up a little to high on me though which was a very sad moment for me but hey for someone more tall I totally recommend and they are also currently on sale!!

What are you currently craving for this fall season, any must have items? 
I'd love to hear them!