Cara Delevingne called and she wants her eyebrows back...

Is anyone else getting a little nauseated at the thought of seeing another overly drawn eyebrow. I mean who the heck thought you could even give an eyebrow so much thought throughout your day? Flash back to the days of rushing home to watch TRL and the new No Doubt music video when our only thoughts were to pluck away until we created the most thin delicate little line which could have been easily mistaken for a loose single strand of hair blowing across your forehead. Now 2016 and things have done a total 360, the brow rage has literally taken over and we are pretty sure Frida Kahlo or this little guy may even be having second thoughts. Don't get us wrong nothing gets us all hot and bothered like a good plush brow but girlssss lets put down the pencils and go back to the drawing board. We have found ourselves asking the question how full is too full? In a world of "more is more" sometimes that may not always be the case.

How to assess if you're an eyebrowaholic...

1. When you're having a conversation with someone are they looking at your eyes or slightly just above them?

2. Does it take you an extra cotton ball when removing your makeup?

3. Has your grandmother or mother recently made a comment about them?

4. You're going through pencils on a monthly basis... and we aren't talking the skinny Anastasia Beverly Hills ones.. we are talking the chubby sticks here people and you better believe a sharpener is needed!

5. Is the shade you're using just about 5-6 shades darker than your natural hair color?

6. If you were to get caught in a rainstorm would your friends not recognize you.

7. Is Lily Collins your screen saver? Yes we have a girl crush on her as well but Lily Collins eyebrows are Lily Collins eyebrows. 

8. and lastly... is this your baby.

 photo beauty-trends-blogs-daily-beauty-reporter-red-lipstick-girl.jpg

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the questions above then you my friend might indeed need an intervention. Luckily for you we are here and you will be back to a healthy level of brow love by morning. We aren't saying to pull out the tweezers and start plucking, no thank you we are pretty sure we did enough of that in the 90s that we are still finding hairs in our childhood bathroom of our parents old house. Apply some mixture of coconut oil, caster oil and if you want to get real fancy some of the options below to your brows, sit back relax and enjoy the magic.

Step 1.
Really look at your brows and see if they even need any help or if you have just gotten sucked into thinking that this step in your beauty routine is mandatory? You see society and social media of today can do this to a person but we will save that post for a different day. If you do like what you see then great, apply some gel to keep them in place and head on your merry way.

Step 2.
If you like what you see but think ehh i'd like them to have a little bit more fullness then your next step is to get a pencil that is the same shade of your natural hair. If you have it lightened then you may even one to go one shade lighter. Test them on your hand or better yet ask a sales assistant since you are a recovering addict and most likely they will have a more honest eye.
Some of our favorite pencils are below.

Step 3. 
Start with a clean moisturized face and before applying any makeup do your brows first. This will give you a more true canvas and it also makes it easier to clean up around the edges if you just so happen to get a little heavy handed.

Step 4.
This may be the most important part. COMB THEM OUT otherwise known as blending! This will give a more natural appearance and you know what maybe brush them out twice since your still getting the hang of things.

Step 5. 
Clean up the edges with a slightly wet Q tip we like these pointed ones from amazon. 

Step 6.  
Apply a gel to keep them in place throughout the day and Wah-la look at your fancy new brows that will not get people doing a double take in the airport lobby.

Lastly we want you to know that we are really proud of you for making such a big change in your life and we promise you, you will thank us and so will your pillow case.