Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear

Pierpaolo Piccioli showed his spring/summer 2017 ready to wear collection early this October and it is breathtaking. The bright feminine colors and rich but very delicate fabrics that almost give the appearance of floating leave you feeling happy, romantic and ready for some cotton candy. It has a bohemian feel but with a cool girl edge that we are sure to see a lot of this coming spring. One thing that I cannot stop thinking about is the double bag trend. It has been shown in numerous different collections dating all the way back to the 2014 Chanel Spring/Summer Show. On almost all of the models they carried these adorable gold & silver lipstick compacts layered with a dainty mini bag. In the words of Sean Connery "I like women. I don't understand them, but I like them." some things just don't need to be understood its just so good that it makes sense. True story when I was in the 6th grade everyone in my class got an award from our teacher. For example best at math, most witty, most likely to succeed and I got, wait for it... lipgloss queen. Yes I know what you're thinking, how inspirational. Looking back I'm sure I would have longed to of received something like maybe most kind, most creative.. or a nice friend but I guess in the end I will choose to embrace my shiny lipped title apply another coat of lipgloss and continue to swoon over this new must have accessory. 

 photo MV171.jpg
 photo MV172.jpg
 photo MV173.jpg
 photo MV174.jpg
 photo 1620-11.jpeg
 photo 1620-14.jpeg
Photos via VOGUE
View the full show below it's sure to make you smile. 


Shopping Cart Charades

If your like me you constantly have numerous pages open on your laptop which inevitably drives your husband crazy but you explain to him honey I can easily close them out once I purchase everything thats in them so we can either be a team here and you can help me by getting out your wallet or the pages will stay open and the carts will remain full. 

Usually the answer goes a little something like..

J: "but you have a whole closet full of clothes.."

In which I will reply with a smile...

Me: "Shows how much you know buddy...  Velvet, Satin and Sock boots are in this season, none of which can be found in my closet. Also sweaters are just a must because duh I will inevitably get cold and a new pair of jeans never hurt anybody."
J: "The whole velvet thing will just make you look like your from game of thrones."
Me: "But no look at how amazing SJP looks in this velvet dress.. I need this dress"
J: "Well I mean if SJP is in it lol"
Me: "Hey you wanna watch Hocus Pocus?"

Now to the carts, here is what I am wanting, currently bought or am still drooling over.

First up is knit, it will forever be one of my favorite things. I cannot resist a super soft cozy sweater, much like a good denim or crisp white button-down it is my weakness. Also turtle necks... maybe it's my deep love affair for Diane Keaton I'm not sure but I cannot not walk by one without swooning over it and I need them ALL now.

Street Chic' Pajamas?

Satin inspired lounge wear is big for this season.. Whatttt? This is the greatest thing since boyfriend jeans hit the market and you can definitely count me in if someone is telling me its cool to wear your pj's out! We have also seen numerous celebs going out makeup less, and bra less so basically being a girl is pretty great right about now! I may wait on the whole #freethenip trend but I'm all in on a fresh face and a new set of silk pajamas for fall.

Boots oh boots I love you so.

I literally have triple the amount of boots in my closet then I do all of my other shoes. I get so excited every fall to see whats new, I like to grab a hot tea and slowly make my way through the Neimans & Nordstrom shoes section searching and looking at each and every pair. Dissecting the heel, hardware and material its made up of. Searching every nook and cranny as if I were Martha Stewart on crack until I find the most perfect pairs to bring home. It's literally like therapy, also comparable to walking into Target alone with no agenda, nowhere to be just an empty cart, overly salted popcorn and a Starbucks to keep you company. It is true love.

If you are still wanting to partake in the whole over the knee boot trend I think I found two really great options that are the best in quality, price and fit. Option one is best for the vertically challenged like myself. I reach a whopping five foot two on a good day so if thats you then I would totally recommend the Via Spiga boot as it hits just a few inches over the knee so not coming up too high which I find can be a problem for us more petit people of the world. I love its smooth soft leather look on the front of the boot and how the back is a stretch fit so it fits snug along your calf and looks great with dresses, jeans or leggings. Now if you are more fortunate in the height department I would totally recommend the Rebecca Minkoffs as they look high end with a smooth snug fit and soft leather look. These came up a little to high on me though which was a very sad moment for me but hey for someone more tall I totally recommend and they are also currently on sale!!

What are you currently craving for this fall season, any must have items? 
I'd love to hear them!


Cara Delevingne called and she wants her eyebrows back...

Is anyone else getting a little nauseated at the thought of seeing another overly drawn eyebrow. I mean who the heck thought you could even give an eyebrow so much thought throughout your day? Flash back to the days of rushing home to watch TRL and the new No Doubt music video when our only thoughts were to pluck away until we created the most thin delicate little line which could have been easily mistaken for a loose single strand of hair blowing across your forehead. Now 2016 and things have done a total 360, the brow rage has literally taken over and we are pretty sure Frida Kahlo or this little guy may even be having second thoughts. Don't get us wrong nothing gets us all hot and bothered like a good plush brow but girlssss lets put down the pencils and go back to the drawing board. We have found ourselves asking the question how full is too full? In a world of "more is more" sometimes that may not always be the case.

How to assess if you're an eyebrowaholic...

1. When you're having a conversation with someone are they looking at your eyes or slightly just above them?

2. Does it take you an extra cotton ball when removing your makeup?

3. Has your grandmother or mother recently made a comment about them?

4. You're going through pencils on a monthly basis... and we aren't talking the skinny Anastasia Beverly Hills ones.. we are talking the chubby sticks here people and you better believe a sharpener is needed!

5. Is the shade you're using just about 5-6 shades darker than your natural hair color?

6. If you were to get caught in a rainstorm would your friends not recognize you.

7. Is Lily Collins your screen saver? Yes we have a girl crush on her as well but Lily Collins eyebrows are Lily Collins eyebrows. 

8. and lastly... is this your baby.

 photo beauty-trends-blogs-daily-beauty-reporter-red-lipstick-girl.jpg

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the questions above then you my friend might indeed need an intervention. Luckily for you we are here and you will be back to a healthy level of brow love by morning. We aren't saying to pull out the tweezers and start plucking, no thank you we are pretty sure we did enough of that in the 90s that we are still finding hairs in our childhood bathroom of our parents old house. Apply some mixture of coconut oil, caster oil and if you want to get real fancy some of the options below to your brows, sit back relax and enjoy the magic.

Step 1.
Really look at your brows and see if they even need any help or if you have just gotten sucked into thinking that this step in your beauty routine is mandatory? You see society and social media of today can do this to a person but we will save that post for a different day. If you do like what you see then great, apply some gel to keep them in place and head on your merry way.

Step 2.
If you like what you see but think ehh i'd like them to have a little bit more fullness then your next step is to get a pencil that is the same shade of your natural hair. If you have it lightened then you may even one to go one shade lighter. Test them on your hand or better yet ask a sales assistant since you are a recovering addict and most likely they will have a more honest eye.
Some of our favorite pencils are below.

Step 3. 
Start with a clean moisturized face and before applying any makeup do your brows first. This will give you a more true canvas and it also makes it easier to clean up around the edges if you just so happen to get a little heavy handed.

Step 4.
This may be the most important part. COMB THEM OUT otherwise known as blending! This will give a more natural appearance and you know what maybe brush them out twice since your still getting the hang of things.

Step 5. 
Clean up the edges with a slightly wet Q tip we like these pointed ones from amazon. 

Step 6.  
Apply a gel to keep them in place throughout the day and Wah-la look at your fancy new brows that will not get people doing a double take in the airport lobby.

Lastly we want you to know that we are really proud of you for making such a big change in your life and we promise you, you will thank us and so will your pillow case. 



What you should be buying now...

A new season means new trends and we are here to let you know what you need to buy, what to splurge on, things you don't dare touch and what you should have fun with. As the temperature drops and the leg shaving comes to a pause you need to be thinking sleek simple with some fun surprises, throw in some velvet accents and heavy embellishments. Very Steven Tyler meets Alexa Chung with a little Diane Keaton collar pop. Chunky heeled boots paired with large silver & brass accents with oversized layers and easy effortless hair and makeup. Think less is more when it comes to your hair and face... no more heavy contour and baking of the face, I mean who really knows what that is anyways? I'll take a baked apple pie instead and an extra layer of moisturizer thank you!

 photo 57463b682c2651d1142a39cf14650c90.jpg
The 90's scene may be fading out but like old friends a few of them will stick around... item one DENIM! Grab your old levis and throw those bad boys on and hey if you're feeling extra daring chop  them off at the hem and let them fray. Purchase a comfy denim jacket as well if you don't already have one because this is a must have. Throw it over anything and your sure to look extra sleek but with a relaxed cool edge. We love this one from our store that you can shop here, we also added some of our other favorites below.

 photo 8231e533768ee6ea11276125bc5d1b39.jpg
Get yourself some button downs.. rather you wear them loose and relaxed or starched to a crisp with your collar popped and proud, get some NOW! These are classic and can be a great investment for years to come. Luckily if your on a strict budget you can find some cheapies and no-one will ever know except your wallet and it will thank you... so will your co workers, friends or lover because you will be looking100!!

 photo b02999741e949e0e860bf797804f209b.jpg
This seasons accessories are all about heavy embellishments... rather this be detailing on your cross body bag, a belt or even a heavy branded tee shirt or jacket these are big for fall. 

 photo 8d4629e1c2a640e3a108772d2bd3b570.jpg
Velvet is the MUST have item of the moment... we do see this being very seasonal though so don't go splurging out on these Aquazzura embellished over the knee boots. Yes they are fabulous we know but maybe go for something more classic and easier to wear if you're wanting to splurge on a classic forever piece we would recommend these. We also put some of our favorite velvet steals for fall below. We also love these as well as these from topshop.

 photo 1650113608fbababd958fd4b776ee372.jpg

Is anyone else a little worn out with makeup? We are too, but with this fall/winter season we are all in luck because the days of double lashes and full coverage foundation are out. Glowy natural makeup is in, rather you're rubbing gloss on your lids or on your lips you're going to want to grab an extra tube. Below are some of our favorite new items that anyone can add to there makeup bag. Throw on a colored lip if you're feeling extra fancy or hey maybe thats all you have time for but we won't ask questions because it's working for you girl!

 photo c71875b176be8a2804bf798a32a5c6c8.jpg
One of our favorite absolute trends for this fall is LOAFERS... we loaffff them a lot!! ;) The picture above is also a good example of the use of large brass embellishments and the simple love for levis. We promise if you get a pair of levis you won't take them off they are the softest most flattering "mom jeans" ever!

Happy almost fall to all you pumpkin spice, moscow mule, spiked cider sipping' ladies. 


Two Little Words...

NECK SCARF... and I'm obsessed! Rather they are tied, crossed, layered or worn on your wrist its this years must have accessory and unlike a fresh perm in the 80's you're going to want to hop on this train asap. Raid your dads old bandanas or shop a few of my favorite below. 

 photo IMG_2316.jpg

 photo IMG_2331.jpg
Shop this top here & Sunglasses here. Pink silk scarf is vintage.

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Spring 16' Collection

Spring 16' Collection
My favorite trends for Spring:
Blush colored anything, embroidered fabrics, Hot pink lip colors and nails

Must have shoe:
A neutral wedge thats comfortable and a strappy flat

One piece or two piece:
One piece all the way and there is so many cute options this year.. a few of my favorite are here, here & here.

Favorite cover up:
an oversized sheer button down top like or a flowy caftan dress with a bunch of fun colors and detailing

Favorite thing about Spring:
spring cleaning, all the colorful plants and trees that bloom, warm weather and grilling out on the patio

Things to splurge on:
An awesome swimsuit, a nice light colored bag that can go with numerous outfits... preferably a cross body or tote, a good pair of sandals.. oh and a good self tanner!!! That's a must... Do not lay out in the sun! Use your sunblock ladies!



Everyday Loose Waves Tutorial

So one of my most asked questions still till this day is how do I get my loose waves. I wear this hairstyle almost everyday, its foolproof and way easier then you may think. I made a video a few years back so I thought it was time for an updated video plus share some new products that I can't live without! With summer right around the corner now is the perfect time to try and achieve that messy beachy look. All the products and info used in this video will be linked below!

Treat Yourself

Valentines.. Galentines whatever you want to call it why not make it extra sweet and treat yourself. Here is my favorite picks for this LOVEly holiday.



Currently Obsessed...

So for the past couple of months I have been trying new skin care as well as have stumbled upon some other great new finds that I have become completely obsessed with. Just wanted to stop in and share them with you as well as wish each of you a happy Wednesday.

All the items above are linked below! 


Home Tour | Part. 2 Master Bedroom + Master Bath

I hope everyone had a lovely little weekend. Man oh man it was much needed... did anyone else think this work week was never going to end. Oh my gosh it was long and yes we had margaritas Monday Night, Thursday night and Sunday... don't judge! Between catching up after the holidays, getting the house back in order, taxes, vacuuming countless amounts of glitter,  you name it.... I am finally getting around to our last home tour post. It might possibly be my favorite place in the whole house... It's our bedroom! I most definitely am a home body at heart there is no hiding that but I secretly would love to pretend to be an on the go city girl… think Carrie Bradshaw meets Anne Hathaway in Devil wears Prada.. but the fact is...  A.) I can't drive in dallas (true story) and  B.) my dog has separation anxiety... hints why I created a career based out of the house. My dreams will just have to continue to come true only underneath these Pottery barn Cotton sheets. I mean who's to say a girl can't dream. But for real, there truly isn't anything better than curling up in your favorite pjs with a warm cup of coffee and the Real Housewives (Beverly Hills or Orange County) on repeat. I included our master bath in this post as well as it is connected to our bedroom. It was in such terrible shape when we moved in (most of the house was) I think the only thing we kept in there was the large soaker tub... like for real the doors were even replaced... it was bad. I will have to put together a before and after post pretty soon because it would blow your minds. Let's just say that there may have a been a hand painted tree mural and about 20 birdhouses involved... I'm not talking about the back yard people. All these things were in this bathroom! So needless to say I'm pretty excited with how it turned out as well! I will link all the details in the bottom bar below! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

 photo 218A8585.jpg
 photo hometour4.jpg
 photo 218A8641.jpg
 photo 218A8576.jpg
 photo 218A8590.jpg
 photo hometour5.jpg
 photo 218A8559.jpg
 photo 218A8596.jpg
 photo 218A8634.jpg
 photo hometour3.jpg
 photo 218A8605.jpg

Wall Paint is custom but very similar to a lightened version of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey that we used throughout the rest of the house. / Headboard - Wayfair (currently sold out super similar option here) / Wool Woven Bench - Homegoods / Tencel White Duvet Cover - Pottery Barn (similar less expensive option at Pottery Barn ) / PB 300- thread count sheets - Pottery Barn / Silk Channel Ivory Quilt - Pottery Barn / White Pillow Cases - Pottery Barn / Grey Faux Fur Pillows - Target (sold out... similar here) / Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow Cases & Inserts - Pottery Barn / Bedside Tables - Ikea (I painted them with an eggshell white and gold gilded the edges... tutorial is here) / Bedside Table Gold Hardware / Ginger Jar Lamps - Homegoods (similar here & here) / Marble Jewelry Box - Homegoods (similar here) / Gold Brass Matted Frames - CB2 / Large full size Mirror - Ikea / White Dresser - Ikea / White Antiqued Mirror - Homegoods / Marble Perfume Holder - Homegoods / Small Carved Wooden Stool -  / Fiddle Leaf Fig - Homedepot / Painted Tree Pot - Antique / 

White Bath Towels - Target (these are my absolute favorite they are so soft and worth the extra price) / Baskets are from Hobby Lobby - similar here / Mirrors  - Homegoods / Ceramic Vessel Sinks - Amazon / Brushed Nickel Vessel Faucets - Amazon / Small, Medium, Large glass jars for essentials - Crate & Barrel / Abstract Art - Target (not online) / Apothecary Jars  other larger size option here! 

All photos were taken by BRITNEY TARNO & all the floral arrangements were created by the fabulous ALICIA from CHARMING EVENTS.