Seriously Obsessed Sunday: Ginger Jars

Ginger Jars

Ok so as we are slowly adding more pieces to our home and filling the shelves with all our favorite books and nick nacks. As I have been doing this I have realized I have a real obsession... I love ginger jars! I have collected them for a while now, but I am really loving the pop of crisp blue paired with all the neutral whites and grey tones that are through out our house! I have a small shelve off to the right of our kitchen where I keep a small collection of them displayed. (Photo Shown Below)

 photo IMG_7891.jpg

I have a couple other scattered throughout the house but I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite images and unique ways you can introduce them into your space. All image links will be below and I will include some of my favorite sources of where you purchase some as well! They are classic pieces that I believe you can keep forever, they will never go out of style! Ginger jars are here to stay and I am not the slightest bit sad about.
Buy this, this, and this
oh and this!

Happy Sunday friends and here is to a fresh new week come Monday!


A Few of my Favorite Things...

I'm sure if you could ask anyone, what are some of your favorite must have things? They would instantly have a little list that pops into their head. I thought it would be fun today to share a few of mine. These are going to be items that are besides the obvious things in life that we truly couldn't live without like our dogs, family, friends, chocolate and you can't forget champagne of course. These are going to be little things that just truly make you smile or are simple everyday items I enjoy using! I'd love to hear some of yalls favorite things as well so feel free to list them in the comments bar below or lets chat on Instagram you can find me @thehappygoose

 photo IMG_7769.jpg

First up Lipstick's:
 With fall just around the corner anything Pink, Cranberry or Red is a must! Some of my favorites are Nars: Fanny, Nars: Heat Wave and Mac's: Candy Yum Yum

Favorite all time Fragrance:
This for sure has to be Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream, its so light and fresh with also a sweet hint! I love it. It seriously took me years to find a fragrance I liked as all of them would either make me have a headache or wouldn't stick throughout the day but this one is a winner! Plus I mean how adorable is that bottle. 

Statement Necklaces:
This is always a big one for me once fall comes around. In the summertime it's so hot that I can't wear very chunky jewelry but once the cool weather rolls in I love a good statement necklace and arm stacks piled high. I linked a few of my favorites here, here and here.

Makeup bag's:
A small makeup bag for my purse is also a must, it has to be something not to big but not to small. I also love anything monogrammed so I had to include this adorable leather pouch with my initials LN that are in gold. I also listed some of my other favorites here, here and here.

Nail Polishes:
I love a good fresh mani! There is nothing that drives me crazier then when my nails are chipped and looking yucky. I try to do an at home mani at least once a week usually on Tuesday or Wednesday when I'm catching up on emails and my tv shows. Two on my go to polishes are Essie's - Marshmallow & Essies : Chinchilla... These are perfect for all year round and go with anything!

Ok so did anyone else get so excited to go school supply shopping when they were little, because I did and I still do! Like why is it so fun to get new notepads and pens? Someone please explain this to me and don't even get me started on the sharpie isle!! I love always having a small notepad on hand rather it be one I keep in my car or my purse its just great to always have one for writing down ideas, grocery lists, errands for the day.. ect. Here & here are some cute options I found online. I also think target always has really cute ones as well!

I love writing thank you notes, I just think this day and age with texts and emails it's so fun and heartfelt to receive a nice hand written letter. Rather it be a thank you note or just a random hope you're doing well, I always love having cute cards on hand! Here are some of my favorites. 

The list could go on and on but these are some of my must haves! I hope y'all enjoyed it and let me know if there is any other blog posts y'all would like to see in the future! 
Happy Wednesday Friends. Big hugs!


Living Room Inspiration

So we are currently in the process of revamping our living room. After living in our house now for over a year I think I have finally figured out what I want to do as well as invest in some great pieces of furniture that will not only last but will be classic enough that I can mix and match different accessories throughout the season and change things as I want too. I love starting with a good neutral pallet then adding in a few pops of color with fresh flowers, pillows and artwork. Add some glamour with brass and silver accents as well as add a cozy feeling with plants and soft patterns. This is a inspiration board I created that will work as visual aid as well as it's a great way to see what will really work in a room together. We've all had that moment where we bought something at the store and thought oh this will look great then get home and sadly it just doesn't work!! I have done this many of times... so I have now found that visually it works best if I can lay everything out first, collect all my scatter brain ideas and then I am able to see what the room truly needs. I can't wait to share the finished product with you guys as well as maybe share some before pictures. It truly was in rough shape when we first bought the house so its exciting to see how far its come.
Happy Saturday Friends! Big hugs!

Living Room Inspiration