Home Body + Comfort Items Gift Guide

Woo Hoo! My holiday gift guide number two is up and ready to shop. This gift guide is made for those girls in your life that love to be cozied up at home most of the time. Even if your friend isn't much of a homebody these gift are fool proof. I mean who doesn't love putting on a fresh new pair of pjs or yummy new candle to light! I myself have always been a home body, I love getting out as well but there is nothing like an evening spent at home with your family in some comfy pajamas and of course I don't go anywhere without my ugg house shoes. I threw in a couple other stocking stuffer items that would make great gifts as well! Hope you enjoy!
Home Body Gift List

This makes a great little gift for that at home baker or maybe something a little extra to pair with a pretty plate full of yummy chocolate chip cookies to drop off at a friends house or take to a holiday party!

I am loving the bright pink color of this towel, it's a great way to add a pop of color to anyones home. I also love the idea of getting it monogrammed for a small gift you could give to your bible study girls or wrap it up with a pretty candle and you've got the perfect gift.

What else can I say about these other than they are a must have and are perfection. A dear friend of mine gifted me these years ago and I have been hooked ever since! I wear them constantly and they are even nice enough I think to wear to the grocery store!

This pillow case makes the perfect gift item for really anyone but especially that homebody in your life. They will love curling up to this gorgeous pillow or placing it in a pretty side chair to admire. I personally have 4 throughout my house. I am seriously addicted, they go with everything and I get so many compliments on them all the time! I purchase down pillow inserts online in the size 21-22 so they have an extra full plush effect.

So I work from home and I want to have something that is still cute and fashionable but something that is also really comfortable. I pair them most of the time with black leggings and I'm good to go. These make such a great gift item as each one is one of a kind and hand distressed to give it that unique look! I have not met one person who doesn't love these!

I love this fun phone printer! I mean who doesn't like a cute small photo that they can display on their fridge or desk. It's a really great item for those people who you just doesn't know what to get. This item also would work for both a boy or girl as anyone could enjoy this gift!

How adorable are these customizable napkins I think they are just to die for! These would be so adorable paired with a nice bottle of champs or wine! 

Who doesn't love a good eye mask! I know I do! I am such a light sleeper plus our bedroom has like 50 million windows and it can get super bright in the morning so this is a much have!! This would be so cute paired with a comfy pair of pjs or even some nice bubble bath soap & lotion! Great for those homebodies in your life!

OMG I seriously could live in this cozy wrap! Its great for traveling or taking to the movies, it also works great for just snuggling up with at home! This is a great gift for anyone and all ages.. I mean who doesn't love something super soft and cozy!

How adorable is this little guy! I don't know how anyone could not like him. It's great for displaying on your coffee table or by your bedside for any small jewelry you might take off before heading to sleep! 

I have these and I love them!!! They are the softest things ever and are great for those who maybe don't love to sleep in warm pajama pants or those who maybe live in a warmer climate! 

I love these pajamas, they are so super soft and come in nice classic colors. They are great for yourself or for any lucky lady in your life.

I have these as well... I'm kind of a pajama junky! I always joke that I have more pajamas than a normal girls shoe collection! I got these in the red polka dot pattern, I thought it was perfect for the holidays! They are seriously like butter and would make a great christmas gift for anyone especially for that new momma or homy body in your life. Plus for a more higher end brand these are priced really well for the set!

I am loving the flowy fit of this pullover. It's super cozy and can be paired with some skinny jeans or sweats depending on where you're going! It's a great gift item as well if you are unsure of what size to get someone since it has a nice oversized comfy fit! Love this!

So the last two items on my list are two candles that are in my favorite scent from Anthropologie. It's there famous Capri Blue scent and I am just loving this cute pineapple one! Once the candle is burnt out it can easily be washed and used for a cute decor item or jewelry holder!

Once again this is my favorite scented candle and its great because it comes in numerous different sizes depending on how big or little you're wanting your gift to be!! The jars are so gorgeous as well when mine are burned out I save them and get them filled with new candle wax at a local candle shop! Or just use them to hold your lipsticks or cotton balls in your bathroom!

I hope y'all enjoyed this list and maybe it helped give you some ideas for this upcoming holiday season!! 


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