Sunshine & Stripes

So if you haven't heard we have just been shining up our scuba gear and polishing up our kayaks down here in Texas. It has literally almost rained for a whole month straight. There is flooding everywhere, the skies have been cold and grey and the thunder scary and loud. I have to say I love a good rainy day every now and then. Maybe it's the artist in me, but I believe that there is nothing that can pull out that last stitch of inspiration like a good rainy day spent in your pj's and old tunes playing throughout the house. Hallelujah though the sun is shining now and I could not be more happy. We spent the day sipping margaritas, taking walks to the park and visiting with family and friends. I wore the most comfiest of dresses one of which is perfect and airy for this warm weather and secondly its great comfy fit is awesome for any dance move you might need to bust out. How was yall's weekend? I hope it was just lovely.
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  1. Love your dress and necklace! Perfect summer look :)