Think Pink

Don't you just love a good long weekend! It was so sad when it finally came to an end. Back to the work week and more home repairs for us! Ahhhh we are getting so close you guys! I can't wait to share everything with y'all. Last night we put together some furniture and got some of the last minute things ready for this weekend. We are seriously hoping this weekend is the big move but we will see. If not this week though for sure the next. I'm so ready to get crafty and decorate all the little nooks and crannies. I'm sure first though we will take one veryyyy long nap in our king size bed! OMG can you imagine all the space. I can hear my spine and knees straightening as we speak.
Me + Jeremy + a 120 pound beast of a lab crammed smack dab in the middle of our current situation. Well, let's just say we are very cozy! I wouldn't want to be jam packed with anyone else but man the fetal position and the ever so awkward let's balance on the side of the bed position are getting a little... well let's just say I won't be missing it and I'm pretty sure they would agree. Any who I hope y'all had an amazing long weekend as well. For today's post I am featuring an outfit that I wore on a little double date this past weekend! It was super fun to pair it with a bright lip and some dainty layered necklaces. I fell in love with this pink floral kimono when I first saw it and let's get real it's still so flipping hot in Texas so the nice breezy fabric was singing my jam! Dear, mother nature when is fall coming?
I hope soon.

 photo IMG_3135.jpg
 photo IMG_3169.jpg
 photo IMG_3153.jpg
 photo IMG_3117.jpg
 photo IMG_3212.jpg
 photo IMG_3219.jpg

 photo IMG_3213.jpg

Floral Kimono: Shop Impressions // White Dress: Shop Impressions (sold out) but you can find one here at Kiki LaRue // White Turquoise Pendant Necklace: Bracha  (this is a fabulous company I will be doing a post on them later but truly so amazing. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes towards the A21 Campaign which helps fight against putting an end to Human Trafficking. You can read about the campaign here.) // Neon Tassel Necklace: similar options I linked in the small photos below //  Turquoise Spike Necklace: Mourning Dove Native similar one here // Sandals: Franco Sarto // Watch: Fossil  //  Lipstick : MAC's Be Fabulous

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  1. Love this kimono and the colors look beautiful on you!


    1. Thank you so much sweet girl I can't wait to check out your blog!

      - Lindsay

  2. Love this!! Your pictures are gorgeous btw!! I was laughing reading your post today because I can totally feel you on the whole king size bed situation!! hahaha Our golden takes up all of the space on our bed and my husband and I both say that we can NOT wait until we get done building our house so that we can finally buy a king size bed and have more room!! hahaha love it!!


    1. Aww well thank you so much you are so sweet and oh my gosh I'm glad to hear someone else can relate haha! I will have to let you know how the king size bed is :) I cant wait!

      - Lindsay

  3. That kimono is gorgeous!! Love the tassle necklace too. You look so pretty!!