For the love of Fringe...

So with summer almost coming to a close which seems almost crazy to say because down here in Texas it is HOT. I thought it would be fun to do a fall inspired look. It's an outfit you could easily wear numerous different ways. You could throw on some distressed jeans with it or even a floppy hat once the cooler weather starts to hit. I love the idea of even doing some knee high boots with it, that would be super fun! I am also really loving braids at the moment. I don't know if it's that with all this house reconstruction and constantly having saw dust in my hair or what, but I am so loving throwing it in a braid and heading out the door! Maybe a tutorial would be fun for this hair look. Let me know what y'all think in the comments below! I hope everyone's having a great week so far. Big Love!
- Lin
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Coral Crush

So today I thought it would be fun to do a simple look but also a look for less. Everything you see here is $40.00 and below. All of these pieces are some of my most favorites staples in my closet and they are all currently on sale, lucky for you! This Piko 1988 dress is the bomb... it's so comfy and it comes in like a million colors, this Anthropologie necklace goes with literally everything and so do these wonderful Franco Sarto sandals! To find details of where to purchase these items you can follow the links below.

 photo IMG_2618.jpg
 photo IMG_2628.jpg
 photo IMG_2639.jpg
 photo IMG_2630.jpg

Coral Dress: Impressions (sold out) but you can also found it here!

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Once upon a time there was this dress...

This pink little number has been one of my most absolute favorite dresses of the summer. You can throw it on over a swim suit or dress it up with a little denim jacket, either way I am all for it. It literally feels like you are wearing pajamas but even better like you are wearing nothing at all. I have searched and searched for this exact pink colored one and sadly I cannot find it anywhere because I found this one all alone in a dark corner at our local TJMaxx! I was however able to find it in black and white which is great and now I of course will need to own them as well. I also did find a few other very similar options that are almost identical and it comes in all sorts of colors including fun pinks and corals! You can find where to purchase all the dresses in the links below.
Trust me you need one!

 photo IMG_2446.jpg
 photo IMG_2453-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1247-1.jpg
 photo IMG_2444.jpg
 photo IMG_2450.jpg

*For the exact dress in the photos above (except for the pink color of course) click the first link it is the one titled Raviya.*

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Our Wedding // Part.2 The Reception + Happily Ever After

At this point in the day we had said our I do's and we were jumping for joy! We couldn't stop staring at each other in amazement that this dream of ours that we have had for so long has finally come true! We were Married! We headed out into the woods with our photographer Haley Ringo to take a few snap shoots before the dance party began! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. The sun shimmered down on us and flickered between the trees like gold glitter! Wild flowers swayed in the grass and we danced around like giddy little children on the first day of summer! If I were to look up happiness in the dictionary this is what I would have seen. I will never forget those precious moments of when it was just me and him all alone in that beautiful field! Our first moments together as husband and wife!

 photo NolanWedding872.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1025.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1010.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1007.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1020-3.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1014-1.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding102-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1047.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1052.jpg
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 photo Collageweddinglj.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1115.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1650-1.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1651-2.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1179.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1056.jpg
 photo Collagewedding11.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1451-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1057.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1267.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1273.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1288.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1286.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1045.jpg
 photo NolanWedding115.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1229.jpg
 photo Collageweddinglj7.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1053.jpg
 photo Collageljwedding7.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1190.jpg
 photo Collageljwedding5.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1603.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1615-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1364-2.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1553-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1478-1.jpg
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 photo NolanWedding1381-1.jpg
 photo Collageweddinglj5.jpg
Jeremy and I unfortunately weren't going to be home on my dads birthday because it fell about a week after our wedding and we would still be in Hawaii on our Honeymoon. This made me feel super awful and of course he was selfless as always and told me not to worry about it but I just wasn't having that. So I came up with the fun idea of having an extra cake in the back so every one could make him feel extra special and sing happy birthday to him. We had my brother Hunter sneak into the back, cranked up the birthday song through the big speakers and with a confused look on everyone's face, out came Hunter with the birthday day cake. Candles lit and all! It was so fun seeing his expression as he had no idea! He is such a special man and his giving heart blows me away daily. I'm so happy we could share the love with you on this big day. It made it even that much more special.
 photo NolanWedding092.jpg
 photo Collageljwedding4-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1625-1.jpg
 photo Collageljwedding3-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1633-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1414.jpg
 photo Collagewedinglj8.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1415-1.jpg
 photo Collagewedinglj7.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1646.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1653.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1656.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1654-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1663-1.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1660-2.jpg
 photo Collageweddinglj2.jpg
 photo NolanWedding1679-1.jpg
 We just want to send out one last thank you to everyone who helped make this day happen as well as everyone who was there that surround us with so much love. Even people who weren't there and just sent us such kind sweet words it truly meant the world to us and we will never forget this day and how special you made us feel. We hope you felt the love as well! We love each and everyone of you!
Big Love!

Photographer: Haley Ringo / My Dress: Waters - Norma Dress / Veil + Flower Crown: Me / Shoes: Steve Madden / Earrings: Kate Spade (sold out) Similar ones here: Kendra Scott / J's Suit: J-crew / Groomsmen: J-Crew / Bridesmaids Dresses: Asos (the champagne color is sold out) / Shoes: Target / Tie: The Tie Bar / Venue: The Springs Events in Poetry Texas / Florist: Charming Events / Cakes + Farewell Cookie Jars: Sweets By Diedra / Food: Chiloso / DJ + Lighting: Uptown Sound / Photobooth: MiPhotobooth / Bartendar: JcBartending / Decor: Me (signs, vow runner, tree trunk center pieces, large glittered love sign, tree trunk chargers, bouquet streamers, ombre' napkins, newspaper table overlays, invites, glittered candles, table number posts, food + drink signs, cake stands, flower crown, fringe tissue paper tree) // Email me at: thehappygooseart@aol.com for info about me designing decor for your event!

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