Hi, my name is Lindsay Nolan! Nice to meet you....

Oh my goodness where do I even start! It has been such a crazy season of change around here! I have a new name, new tan lines, new address, a sweet husband and of course taking on the new role of being a wife. I realize I have sort of neglected this little blog of mine but I really wanted to take these past few months and soak in every last second. It is one of the most wonderful life changing times for me and J so we both wanted to really remember every last detail! The wedding day was absolutely beautiful. It was something straight out of a dream, I can't wait to share all the photos with you guys!  The honeymoon was beyond amazing, we didn't want to leave but it was great coming home to our friends and family plus going straight into house hunting mode. We have currently put an offer in on a house and we are crossing our fingers and toes it all works out! I hope each of you are doing just wonderful and are enjoying this beautiful summer weather!
Big Big Love!
L & J

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  1. Beautiful! New follower here but I have been a follower on Instagram for some time. So excited to hear all about your wedding! Absolutely gorgeous! :)


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