Honeymooners // Part.1

Aloha sweet friends! Can I just start off by saying we had the absolute best time ever! We still wake up daily crying because we aren't in Hawaii. I have never felt like some place other than Texas was more my home. I think I must have been Hawaiian or something in another life because I did not want to leave. On the last day there, I was literally trying to sell my planes tickets. There is something so calming about being next to the beach, the sound of the waves and that salty ocean breeze! I love it! Not to mention being surrounded by the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, EVERYWHEREEE! Even the trees are filled with flowers and as you walk along the sweet little cobble stoned streets. They are just floating in the wind. Absolutely breathtaking! Did I mention I made friends with some chickens... we named them Milly and Willy and I did not want to leave them. There may or may not have been tears shed the last morning they came and pecked on our bedroom window. Each morning they would wake us up and they would patiently wait for there delicious crushed Frito or corn tortilla breakfast. I absolutely loved them and now have convinced Jeremy I need a chicken coop! We were there for 11 glorious days that we will both never forget! We hiked up hillsides, drove around the island with our windows down, swam with the sea turtles and a not so welcome shark. We snorkeled till our toes were pruned and we laid in the sun till our cheeks were red. We ate the most delicious food and drank too many margaritas. We laughed till we cried, searched for sea glass till the sun went down and hunted the largest waterfalls. Oh Hawaii how we loved you so and we can't wait to come back. Hopefully next time we won't have to leave you again!

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With Love.