Bed Head...

So at least once a week... ok maybe two or three times if I'm being quite honest. I do not!! I repeat, I do not want to fix my hair! How many of you ladies feel the same way? So in my hopes of skipping a few days here and there, I thought it'd be fun to show you some of my most favorite ways to cover up that messy bed head, especially with summer around the corner and days spent taking dips in the pool and soaking up the sun with your girlfriends. I always like to have a little hat or headband on hand!
Can I also get a big fat #dryshampoo  Amen to that!!

 photo IMG_0986.jpg
 photo IMG_0994.jpg
 photo IMG_1023.jpg
 photo IMG_1004.jpg
 photo IMG_1032.jpg
 photo IMG_1018.jpg
 photo IMG_0987.jpg
 photo IMG_1000.jpg
 photo IMG_1042.jpg
Can I also just say I am so obsessed with this simple little turquoise necklace from Mourning Dove. It goes with everything and is handmade by one of the most sweetest gals around. You can visit here to see more of her precious work.
Necklace: Mourning Dove //Jeans: Old (see similar below) // Bag: got a few years back on a vacation in mexico but here are some similar options ( Nena & Co., Lanna Thai etsy, CasaOtomi etsy) // Scarf: Old (see similar below) // Hat: Target

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  1. THe bright pops of color make me smile I love the headband

  2. Why are you soooooo stinkin cute?!! LOVE this outfit!

  3. I seriously have to know where you got this shirt? I think I saw on your instagram that it was free people, but I have searched their site to no avail! if you could share the link so I could purchase it, I would be so thankful!

    1. If you click the small photo links at the bottom of the post it will take you straight to the shirt! It should be the first link towards the end of the post it will say free people under it! Hope this helps it is seriously the most comfy thing ever!

  4. That shirt is amazing! I inherited several scarfs from my grandmother and love to wear them on lazy hair days!

  5. Where can I find jeans like this?

  6. The tee is awesome. I know it is Free People and probably no longer available, but what is the style name? Looks so comfy!