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Yes I am still alive and I am so sorry Mr.Blog for how neglected I'm sure you must have felt these past few weeks, but right now I am currently being surrounded by all things wedding, large amounts of tulle & crinkle chiffon, sparkles, paint, never ending to do lists, gold glitter, any movies containing Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan, cheesy love songs and oh the never ending sweet tooth of coarse. No one ever warned me of the terrible love for all things sweet that will come about when planning a wedding... who would have thought? Any who I found this cute little questionnaire over here and thought it would be perfect for a quick little catch you up on whats been going on lately. I'd love to see yours as well so feel free to copy and paste! Leave your link in the comments below if you choose to play along! Hope you all are doing fabulous. 
Much Love.

Making : anything wedding related 
Cooking : rice krispie treats... whoops 
Drinking : Hi my name is Lindsay and I am addicted to La Croix Peach Pear Sparkling Water
Eating: apples & cheese
Reading: researching gluten free thanksgiving recipes
Wanting: a new pair of tortoise glasses... something like these would do!
Looking: at wedding gowns and pinterest diy's
Playing: The Weepies
Wasting: the leftovers from last night... we left them in the car :) 
Sewing: wedding napkins... yes I am crazy I know!
Wishing: for some fall weather and that the leaves would change colors
Enjoying: going on morning walks with Jagger 
Waiting: for May 3rd (me & J's wedding day) this day couldn't come soon enough
Liking: all things comfy and cozy
Wondering: at what it will be like in 7 months when I am finally getting to live with my sweet Jeremy. I can't believe we are finally going to get to create a home together... in my heart I have been married to him for so long but we have never lived together and the fact that this day is going to come so soon makes me smile bigger than ever before!
Loving: when Jeremy takes my hand and kisses it at the most random times
Hoping: tomorrow will be the day that I find "the dress"
Marveling: over the kindness of others
Needing: more hours in the day
Smelling: this yummy new macadamia oil I got for my hair... it smells divine!
Wearing: these pajamas in the color animal print
Following: this... all day everyday for calligraphy inspiration and hoping I can teach myself.
Noticing: anything gold
Knowing: my family and friends know how much I love them comforts me
Thinking: about flower crowns
Feeling: like I could take a cozy nap on this sunny afternoon
Bookmarking: boots & brides maid gowns
Opening: a big box of gold mercury glass votives
Giggling: at Jeremy always :)

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