These girls...

Something fun and exciting has happened these past few days. I surprised some extra sweet ladies... three ladies to be exact... to be my bridesmaids. These sweet little bundles of love will grant me with the ever so fabulous honor of having them stand by my side on one of the most special days in all my life. They each fill my life with so much happiness as well as many many laughs, memories and the ever so infamous girl time chatter. Each of them has blessed my life tremendously. 
(Love you my sweet friends I adore each of you! Thank you for being so wonderful.) 
 photo bridesmaids15.gif
 photo photo-10.jpg
I really wanted to ask them in a super fun way to make each of them feel as special as they truly are and well of course... that's when chocolate cake entered the brain! They were each gifted a little personalized chocolate cake with the words "Will you be my bridesmaid" adorned on the top of them. The ever so sweet waiters played along and brought them out after we ordered our food... I told them I couldn't wait till dessert. I never was good at hiding secrets anyways. Jeremy can attest to this... he is typically forced by me to open all his christmas presents way before it's even christmas day because I just can't wait. My mom once even had to hide his gifts that I had bought him in her closet so I would forget about them and was unable to give them to him. This is a true story. It's a problem... but I guess there could be worse things. Right? So they brought the cakes out one by one and they were each truly so surprised which made me so happy! The wedding planning and online dress shopping followed immediately of course which was then followed by some yummy chocolate cake.   photo bridesmaid8.gif
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