My easy roll out of bed fall outfit...

This outfit has quickly become a favorite of mine, especially on those days where you don't feel like washing the hair or fidgeting with picking out some extraordinary outfit. Not that that happens often over here anyways but you get the idea. It's nice to be able to just throw on a comfy hat, a loose fitted button up, leggings and boots! Sometimes simple is better and what more could you ask for... beside your pajamas of course but I have strongly been encouraged to stop wearing those out in public... along with anything labeled XXL. What can I say comfort is where it's at people! I hope you pretties are all doing lovely and not your freezing your buns off. Woo it got cold here in Texas these past few days and yes that required playing the Christmas music on full blast and making the first fire of the season. I am now off to Google how to make gluten free graham crackers because the house smells like a toasty warm camp fire and this girl is craving her a s'more!
 photo fall6.jpg
 photo fall1.jpg
 photo Collagefall1.jpg
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Denim Chambray Top (any ole button will do): Old Navy,  Hat: Target, Leggings: Target, Boots: (old) similar here


  1. Love this outfit, I wore it today :)

    1. Aww yay so glad you liked it! I bet you looked adorable :)

  2. Love this outfit as well! Very comfy but adorable :)