Engagement Photos Part.2

We had our last little engagement session on Monday. Our hopes were high for finally being able to catch the sun. Our prayers were answered to say the least. I can't help but look at these photos and be taken back by all of Gods breathtaking beauty that was surrounding us. It was such a beautiful day... something straight out of a dream. I could have stayed forever in these moments that were captured.

 photo f539a88a-d1b1-4711-8c26-24d2ac670f56.jpg
 photo f76ce9d8-6c37-489c-89e6-939e6e2f5179.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-00071.jpg
 photo 0546264e-e0fd-44b1-bc91-0fb74cf3472b.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0018.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0066.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0056.jpg
 photo 8f5657af-0550-48ae-8f74-cb820a34946a.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0048.jpg
 photo 4be64835-db29-42ba-96ce-587147ff871c.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0037.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0028.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0027.jpg
 photo b5ab4d08-3ea7-4c5b-84e8-3c5adbf5296f.jpg
 photo 5568cd2e-ce11-4394-8498-0d1413bfb85d.jpg
 photo a02fb201-eb71-4e84-bcce-33bd252a3069.jpg
 photo f539a88a-d1b1-4711-8c26-24d2ac670f56.jpg
 photo JeremyandLindsey-JeremyandLindsey-0060.jpg
 photo 291a3092-0366-48a0-ba89-5ccf2a950d3d.jpg
A big thank you again to Brittney from Tucker Images who was able to capture all this golden goodness. 
We will forever be grateful for these images.


Our Engagement Photos Part.1

To say I am obsessed with these photos would be putting it very lightly. We took the photos last Friday and I have been stalking everyone of our photographers social media accounts for the past few days in hopes of seeing anythinggg! Like straight up stalkerville. I will be honest, I wasn't sleeping well. I was getting up at 6 every morning... and those of you who know me, know that is very weird. I am so not a morning person. Needless to say I was dying to see these photos! On Monday night I got a text from a friend saying she loved the photos. What photos?? I freaked out and immediately went searching for what she was talking about? I found one single photo on Facebook with a little message... Lindsay & Jeremy's photo session coming soon this week! All I could see was one small photo but to my surprise I burst out into tears. I sat there and stared at that one photo on the small screen of my phone and could not stop crying. Jeremy & my Mom of course thought this was hilarious but I just couldn't get over the love that she was able to capture in that one single photo. I always knew the photos would turn out great but I didn't expect to have full on tears streaming down my face. How will I ever make it through our wedding day.. suggestions are welcomed. I have loved Jeremy with all my heart for as long as I can remember and to have these photos that will last forever and we can show our children one day just takes my breath away. What a wonderful gift a photographer blesses people with. We have one more little mini session next Monday in hopes of getting some beautiful sun flurries in the photos as last Friday was kind of a gloomy overcast day. I will forever cherish these photos and I cannot thank our photographer Britney enough for capturing them for us. Any local friends, you must use this sweet girl and her hubby. They are so wonderful and are absolutely hilarious.. non local people, you must use them as well. They are the bomb diggity let me tell you! They made it such a fun memorable day for me and J and I think I am officially hooked on getting photos done at least once every year! (sorry Jeremy) Christmas Cards from the soon to be Nolan's are a must. What a wonderful way to capture each passing year.

 photo SE5A3983pp_w920_h1380.jpg
 photo SE5A4079pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A4041pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A3807pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A3771pp_w920_h1380.jpg
 photo SE5A3891pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A4178pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A4012pp_w920_h689.jpg
 photo SE5A3821pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A3686pp_w920_h1380.jpg
 photo SE5A4073pp_w920_h663.jpg
 photo SE5A3770pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A4052pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A3683pp_w920_h1380-1-1.jpg
 photo SE5A3834pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A3674pp_w920_h689.jpg
 photo SE5A3958pp_w920_h1380.jpg
 photo SE5A40781pp_w920_h613-1.jpg
 photo SE5A4092pp_w920_h613.jpg
 photo SE5A3783pp_w920_h1380.jpg
 I posted just a few of the photos... 
to see all of them as well as Britney's website you can click here.

My easy roll out of bed fall outfit...

This outfit has quickly become a favorite of mine, especially on those days where you don't feel like washing the hair or fidgeting with picking out some extraordinary outfit. Not that that happens often over here anyways but you get the idea. It's nice to be able to just throw on a comfy hat, a loose fitted button up, leggings and boots! Sometimes simple is better and what more could you ask for... beside your pajamas of course but I have strongly been encouraged to stop wearing those out in public... along with anything labeled XXL. What can I say comfort is where it's at people! I hope you pretties are all doing lovely and not your freezing your buns off. Woo it got cold here in Texas these past few days and yes that required playing the Christmas music on full blast and making the first fire of the season. I am now off to Google how to make gluten free graham crackers because the house smells like a toasty warm camp fire and this girl is craving her a s'more!
 photo fall6.jpg
 photo fall1.jpg
 photo Collagefall1.jpg
 photo fall2.jpg
Denim Chambray Top (any ole button will do): Old Navy,  Hat: Target, Leggings: Target, Boots: (old) similar here


For the love of Lipstick....

 photo favoritelippysfinal.gif
1.  My all time Favorite Nude:  Estee Lauder - Vanilla Truffle

2.  The Best everyday Light Pink:  Mac Mineralize - Dreaminess

3.  My Favorite Tinted Chapstick:  e.l.f Studio Lip Balm with Spf 15

4. Best Fall Date Night Color:  Nyx - Power

5.  Best Summer Date Night Color:  Maybelline - Pink Pop

6.  My Favorite Nude Lipgloss:  Nyx - Tiramisu 
(goes great over any nude lipstick or by itself)

7.  My Favorite Lipgloss ever:  Nyx - Eclair

8.  The Best Pink Gloss:  (this goes great over lipstick #5) Nyx - Meringue

9.  Best Cheap Pale Pink:  Revlon - Primrose

10. Best Cheap Nude:  Revlon - Nude Attitude


These girls...

Something fun and exciting has happened these past few days. I surprised some extra sweet ladies... three ladies to be exact... to be my bridesmaids. These sweet little bundles of love will grant me with the ever so fabulous honor of having them stand by my side on one of the most special days in all my life. They each fill my life with so much happiness as well as many many laughs, memories and the ever so infamous girl time chatter. Each of them has blessed my life tremendously. 
(Love you my sweet friends I adore each of you! Thank you for being so wonderful.) 
 photo bridesmaids15.gif
 photo photo-10.jpg
I really wanted to ask them in a super fun way to make each of them feel as special as they truly are and well of course... that's when chocolate cake entered the brain! They were each gifted a little personalized chocolate cake with the words "Will you be my bridesmaid" adorned on the top of them. The ever so sweet waiters played along and brought them out after we ordered our food... I told them I couldn't wait till dessert. I never was good at hiding secrets anyways. Jeremy can attest to this... he is typically forced by me to open all his christmas presents way before it's even christmas day because I just can't wait. My mom once even had to hide his gifts that I had bought him in her closet so I would forget about them and was unable to give them to him. This is a true story. It's a problem... but I guess there could be worse things. Right? So they brought the cakes out one by one and they were each truly so surprised which made me so happy! The wedding planning and online dress shopping followed immediately of course which was then followed by some yummy chocolate cake.   photo bridesmaid8.gif
 photo bridesmaids12.gif
 photo brideasmaid16.gif
 photo bridesmaids14.gif
 photo bridesmaids2.gif
 photo brideasmaid10.gif
 photo bridesmaid1.gif