Ready for Fall...

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Sweater: Billabong (I know right? How long has it been since you walked into that store!) // Tank: Anthropologie // Shorts: Old Navy // shoes: Toms (old similar here) // headband: Vintage Rose

Ok so I have to share a funny little story with you that will tell you just how ready I am for fall.
The other day me and J were watching a movie and I dozed off in the middle of it. Once he realized I had unfortunately missed half of the movie he woke me up in which I replied... "Sam Edelman."
He was confused and shook me a little more to which I replied again with "Sam Edelman." Realizing no he didn't in fact misunderstand me he started to laugh and asked me who's Sam? I at this point started to come out of my deep little slumber and realized what I had just said. I started laughing and told him Sam Edelman boots! Like duhh he would of course know what I was talking about. He at this point is still confused and I am still laughing. I then had to explain to him who the infamous "Sam Edelman" was and the lovely boots of his in which I have been lusting over for fall. 
These were the boots I guess I was "literally" dreaming about!
Aren't they adorable! I hope everyone's weekend went just lovely!


  1. I kid you not...i wanted to buy that same sweater (or one very close) last weekend! I decided it was more than my budget allowed by oh so cute and cozy! Bring on fall!!

    1. well this one would have been out of my budget as well but luckily my brother works at billabong so I got it half off! :) I'm always a sucker for a comfy sweater!

  2. This is a great story :) I cant wait for fall, sweaters and boots.. oh and scarves