It's a white t-shirt & jeans kinda day

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tank top: anthropologie / jeans: hudson similar here & here / flats: betsy johnson (old) similar here / earrings: jcrew similar here / bracelets: homemade / watch: fossil

So this is my version of the classic white t-shirt and jeans. I know I know its not technically a t-shirt but its pretty darn close and is oh so comfy! When I first found these tanks at Anthropologie I just about died but thrifty little me I only left with one sad grey one. After having it for a couple of weeks I realized how much I truly loved it and ended up buying them in almost every color online. They are so wonderful because they can be worn with just about anything even leggings are ok because of the extra added length in the back, It covers your bum perfectly. No one likes a bare bum in leggings and this girl right here loves her some leggings. Don't we all I mean come on they are just about the most comfortable things next to my PJ's!! I feel these tanks as well as a good pair of skinny jeans are a must have staple in any girls closet! Do you have any hidden style must haves that you'd like to share! Let me know in the comments below! Us girls have got to share the love!!


  1. So cute! Love that tank! What size did you get? I might need to order that online :)

    1. I got a size small and its pretty roomy the XS fit perfect but I like my things extra loose!! So you'd probably need the XS!! I'm going to have to go look at your blog tonight!! xoxo