Sunshine, Puppy Dogs & Peanut Butter

Today was just one of those days where you need to put away the to do list and soak up all the good stuff that's around you. It was a pretty uneventful day but that's just what I needed. I pulled out my dusty camera that has been sadly sitting in the corner of my office for months now. I snapped pictures, soaked up the sun, painted, sorted through old pictures, ate peanut butter from the tub with a spoon (ok ok I do this everyday but it still counts because for real people it doesn't get much better than peanut butter on a spoon.) It was so nice to do nothing but just enjoy the day. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this extremely beautiful breezy weather today. It was just glorious!

 photo DSC_0854.jpg
 photo Collagebgreb.jpg
 photo DSC_0826.jpg
 photo Collagefrwe.jpg
 photo DSC_0849.jpg
 photo Collagecdaewaf.jpg
 photo DSC_0815.jpg
 photo Collagegfervf.jpg
 photo DSC_0857.jpg
 photo Collagevdvdf.jpg
 photo DSC_0842.jpg

Take a day for yourself...
no list...
no rushing around...
just soak in all the goodness each day brings and enjoy it!!

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