How to get my Natural Loose Waves

Ok so I took the leap and did a little something different! For those of you who were asking how to get my big loose waves, I finally made a tutorial!! It was a little confusing to try and explain so I thought why not make a video. Hopefully this helps you and rather it works for you or not I'm sure your hair will end up looking beautiful. I hope yall are having a wonderful week so far it's already Wednesday woo hoo! We are headed to the Rangers game later today so pray for me that I do not melt! Me and this Texas heat aren't the best of friends ya know.


  1. Great video. But oh my it looks like it takes forever. Do you do that every day or does it hold for a couple days?

    1. Once you get it down and depending on your hair thickness it only take me about ten minutes and this hair style holds up very nicely a couple days after its first washing and curling! Just use a little dry shampoo at the roots, brush it back out and spray it with a little hairspray!!

  2. Hello there!
    (I couldn't find an "about me" page so I'm commenting here first because I absolutely LOVED this video! I may or may not be trying this hairstyle today... And your bloopers in the beginning? Presh.)

    I discovered your blog just today because you liked some photos of my instagram (@jkfacee), and I'm so happy I did because this little space is AWESOME. And I love that you are documenting your life together with your boyfriend (husband?). I will definitely be following along your art/diy/style/life journey and I'm excited to see more of your OOTD posts because they are so right up my alley.

    I also adore your blog name. It seems to suit your personality very well! Best of luck on all your endeavors! I also recently started a blog — I'd love it if you stopped by.

    - J -

    1. Hi Jennifer

      Thanks so much for stoping by and I am so glad you enjoyed the video you will have to let me know how your hair turns out!! I'm sure it will look beautiful!!
      I am currently working on an about me section it has been put off for far to long lol but yes Jeremy is my soon to be hubby we are hoping for next spring for the wedding!! I will have to go check your blog out as well!! Look forward to talking more with you and seeing you around!

      much love


  3. Love this!! My hair is naturally stick straight too and it can be so frustrating at times! Definitely going to try this! You have beautiful hair. LOVE your dogs btw, so sweet!

  4. Loved this video!! So excited to try this out :)
    This Side of Paradise