Grey on Grey plus New Adventure's

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Shorts: old cutoffs, Tank: Jcrew, Sweater: Flying Tomato (old), Headband: Anthro (similar one here & here), Necklace: Gift, Rings: a gift from Jeremy on our trip to Mexico & Thrifted (similar here, here & here)

Wow this week flew by fast. I didn't until just about an hour ago realize that it wasn't in fact Thursday but was Friday. Kind of exciting and kind of blew my mind at the same time. We are so ready for the weekend though. We have a wedding to attend and I always love me a good wedding (hopeless romantic) plus Jeremy has taken on a new hobby... bike riding. Not just like leisurly cruising around the neighborhood with me but like full on padded spandex shorts and riding for hours upon hours on his bike or as he would now say "his baby".Yesterday was one of his first big bike rides and he went a little over 10 miles. He came back with a funny little waddle of a walk and was drenched from head to toe in sweat. I'm excited for him though because since his two major knee injuries any type of physical contact sport makes me super nervous but for some reason I feel like this is a little more safe and super great physical therapy for his knee as well! So I am giving bike riding 10 stars. Supposedly he is going to ride over to my house today all the way from his so we will see. I'm hoping I don't get a sad little call that his tire popped and he is now stranded on the side of the rode with his thumb out! New adventures around here lots of new adventures!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
Lots of love! xoxo


  1. Lindsay, you are adorable!!! I love love love your style and want to copy every single one of your outfits!! I love how simple and effortless your outfits are with a hint of boho perfection. Seriously though, could you be any cuter?! I've said it before, but I really do adore your blog, girl!!

    xo Ashley
    Twenties Girl Style

    1. You are so sweet my kind friend!! Love your fun hippie style as well!! xoxoxo
      much love!