Do it Yourself Gift Bags

 photo diy-gift-bags.gif

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First trace a small to medium size circle onto your eraser. Then cut it out using an exacto knife.
 photo DSC_0258.jpg
It should look something like this. Congratulations you have now made a perfect little circle stamp!
 photo Collagebuibini.jpg
Next choose the color of paints you want your initial to be as well as your polka dots. 
I have that found permanent acrylic paints work best for this project.
 photo Collagegubihi.jpg
First place a little index card or a piece of paper inside the bag so your paint will not seep through to the other side. Then center and stamp your initial in the desired color.
 photo Collagevyugui.jpg
Next come the ever so cute polka dots. Stamp your dots around the initial, as well as the whole back of the bag. 
 photo DSC_0278.jpg
Let them dry and then admire them in all of there cuteness! 
There are so many other design ideas you could try as well.
Try embroidering a simple stitch on one of them like in the picture above.
 photo DSC_0272.jpg
Make more homemade stamps and try them out as well.
Happy Crafting.


  1. What do you make your homemade stamps out of? It would be cool to see a post or a video on the process. Just sayin.... :)

    1. I make the small ones out of erasers and the larger ones like in the post above I make out of and material you buy at the craft store. It almost looks like a big eraser but thank you for your suggestion I will have to try and think of maybe doing a homemade stamp tutorial!! xoxo

  2. Seriously LOVE this idea! So stinkin cute! :)