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I have always been the type of person to take pictures of anything and everything. I have an obsession to say the least with capturing every single beautiful moment as if I can lock them up and they will last forever. It's partly also why I started doing our weekly Vlogs. It's not just the birthdays and special holidays that I want to remember. It's the everyday little moments that I love most of all. Don't get me wrong this girl loves the special spirit of Christmas. It's my absolute favorite holiday. I love everyone bundled up from head to toe, snuggling up by a warm fire, buying all the little thought out special gifts for friends and family, and if were lucky enough to receive some beautiful sparkly snow that year! Ahh I love Christmas but I want to capture it ALL. My hopes are that one day if we are blessed enough to make it to the point of having a family of our own, our children will have all these photos and even better videos of their crazy mom and dad when we were young, wild and free. I would love to have videos of my parents when they were younger. I think it would be so fun to watch. It's almost like you only know your parents as these wise older best friends who have taught you many wonderful things and they will always be the grown ups so it's hard imagine sometimes what they sounded like or said or did when they were younger. I hope to be able to share all these wonderful memories and videos with my little family one day. I think that day will be a beautiful day and I cannot wait to meet you my wonderful children whoever you are... I already love you so.

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