L&J Vlog Episode 4 + A Little Rambling

I am on the ball this week!! Look at me being all good and posting a new Vlog episode right on time!! Woo Woo I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back! So what has been going on my sweet friends? I hope all is well and you have been soaking up way too much sun like we have over here in this smoldering Texas heat!! I think I am just now realizing May and June for me and J is one of our busiest times... lots of family birthday, dinners, holidays, etc. We have been going going going which is wonderful but I think we are in need of a rest day or maybe a vacation.. yes a vacation! I will just imagine us sitting on some secluded island somewhere sipping on Pina Coladas and munching on a big bowl of Chips and Guac!! Ahh now doesn't that sound nice :) Who's coming with!! Ok Ok so I'm rambling but I feel like I haven't got to talk to you guys in forever. I will try and get better (don't hold me to it) but anyway, I wish you all the best wishes and send you my love 
and here's to this weeks Vlog episode!! 

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