The Starting of the Vlog...

What is a Vlog you may ask?? It is a video blog hints the V in place of the B in blog. 
The concept of it so wonderful to me because it is just everyday random bits and pieces of our lives captured forever on film. My idea for this new little project came about after I found a few other family Vlogs on YouTube. I thought it was a cute idea and thought we could give it a try for one week. As you will see in the video I had to really convince Jeremy in the beginning, he was soooo against the idea. He is a typical man who hates pictures being taken of him. So when I was telling him I would be filming us all weekend he was so not on board but after watching this weeks video I think I have finally convinced him. We are both in agreement that it's such a wonderful thing to be able to share with our family and friends as well as our children one day. I love all the funny moments we were able to capture, but I especially loved when me and J got to spend our Sunday after noon together going over the film laughing so hard we were literally in tears. I hope you all will enjoy these little snippets from last weekend as well as a quick look into our everyday lives.
 Big hugs

(you can click on the bottom right corner of the video to full screen it)

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