My Favorite Lip Products

Favorite Lip Products

This is what I use almost everyday especially if I'm going to wear a lip stick, its almost like a sugar scrub for your lips. It tastes good, it feels good and it pulls all that yucky dead skin off of your lips. 
Super cheap too! It's $3 at Target! Elf has great brushes as well I especially love the foundation brushes.

My all time favorite Chap stick (moisturizing one that is... now my favorite menthol one is a totally different story I loveeee anything menthol but I've been trying to stay away from it because I read it can dry your lips out :( that was a very sad day) but anyways back to the Palmers cocoa butter this stuff is great it lasts forever and you can literally use it anywhere... dry skin, hair fly aways, nail cuticles... ect. You can find this at Walgreens.

I received this chap stick over a year ago as a gift and it is literally no joke like putting butter on your lips, it is so soft it tastes and smells like a yummy delicious lemon drop. You can find this at Bath & Body works. One Word! Amazing!

I just discovered these at Ulta and oh my gosh I am obsessed! They are highly pigmented for a lip gloss which I love and is also great for you non lipstick wearers. They smell like something super sweet and they aren't too sticky.... ugh does anyone else hate sticky lip glosses (sorry MAC) but I can not stand a lip gloss that is super thick and sticky I wish it didn't bother me because MAC has some beautiful colors but I just cant do it. But these are wonderful they aren't too light and they aren't too thick they are just perfect! Go get them now if possible! My Favorite colors right now are Meringue, E'clair, Apple Strudel, and Tiramisu. You can find them at Ulta.

This lipstick is my all time favorite nude color its super creamy, it smells fresh and the color is super pigmented and lovely. It isn't the cheapest lipstick ever but not the most expensive either this color is unfortunately super hard to find though and is usually out of stock every where. I have luckily found a somewhat ok alternative which is number 5 below. You can find this at most any malls that is if you can find it and If you do find it please let me know :)

This is my alternative for the Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle. The good things about this lipstick are that it is way cheap $8 and I usually can find it half off and the colors are very very similar. The only down sides to this lipstick when comparing it to the Estee Lauder is that its not as thick and creamy and the color is less pigmented meaning you can't get as much of that strong nude color that I love in the Lauder one. But all in all its a great cheap nude staple every girl should have in there makeup bag!! You can find this at any Drug store, Ulta, Target, Walmart just about anywhere that carries drugstore brand cosmetics.

I love almost every NYX product and there prices are amazing!! There lip products are especially wonderful, this is one of my all time favorite colors by them its kind of a nude lightish mauvy color. It's not a super bright look at me color but its very pigmented, super creamy and the color is gorgeous. I love this and it looks good on just about any skin tone. I like to top it of with a coat of the NYX lip butters in the color meringue. You can find this at Ulta.

This lipstick is sooooo pretty its a nude with a little undertone of light pink. It looks more nude on but the little bit of pink it has in it just gives the most natural pretty lip. This color looks great on literally everyone, its a super soft creamy lipstick and super cheap!! You can once again find it anywhere where they sell drugstore cosmetic brands.

I stumbled upon this one day at Target and its just a great super cheap ($3) lip balm its super soft and gives your lips just a tad bit of color, almost like a very natural lip stain but without the staining (does that make sense?) I think it smells and feels exactly like burts bees chap stick but softer and creamier!! This is just a great alternative to chap stick if your wanting a tad bit of color. Oh and it has spf15 so its great for summer coming up!! You can find this at Target.

I combined these two because they are literally the same thing except for the price. The Pink Pop is actually a prettier color on me and the Saint Germain does have a tad bit of frost in it so it has a more electric wow factor but I love love love the pink pop especially for summer! It's totally a barbie pink but it looks super pretty applied lightly then topped with gloss as well for a more softer look. I also love the pink pops bright neon packaging. You can find the Saint Germain at any MAC store and the Pink Pop anywhere they sell drugstore cosmetics.

This stuff is definitely my favorite clear gloss to wear over any of my lipsticks or just by its self. It's super soft and light, its filled with great moisturizing oils and it smells like yummy vanilla. You can find this at Bath & Body Works.

What are some of your favorite Lip Products I'd love to hear them.

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