A Letter to my Teenage Self...

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Dear Teenage Me,

Wow where could I start and what could I tell you that you might actually listen too... at this age you unfortunently think you know so much but oh girl you have no idea. You have always been in such sync with what is in your heart and you have always been very good at listening to it but you will of course stumble here and there. You are so soft spoken and will frequently get walked on by other people but I will tell you that thats ok because you find your voice eventually.

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I would tell you that it's ok that your not like everyone else and even though sometimes you may feel like something's wrong with you because you don't like to party and you don't seem to connect with a lot of other people your age... yes you are an old soul it is just the facts and the sooner you accept this the sooner you will begin to come into your own.

I will tell you that some of your best friends may break your heart and you may lose touch but do not worry sweet girl the lord will bless you with some sweet friends who truly complete your soul.

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I would of course tell you to not even waste your time with boys because the love of your life is yes indeed who you think it is... and yes people will tell you you are crazy and to young to even know what love is, but you know what??? They're wrong!!  

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He will make all your wildest dreams come true and give you some of the best memories of your life. He is your best friend and your biggest fan.

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You may think wow I love this sweet boy so much, but oh man just wait. Yall will go through so much together and in the end you will always become closer and stronger. This is a once in a lifetime kind of love sweet girl so cherish every second of it.

I would tell you to not worry... because you are worrying way too much. 
Everything will work out better than you could ever imagine.

I would tell you that you will struggle but that you will make it through school especially high school and even though at times it may seem rough you will grow up and look back on these years and truly cherish them forever. It is where you will meet your soon to be husband and the father of your children one day. It is where your love for art will truly be found. It is where you will have your first kiss, 
and your first heartbreak. You will wear shorts that are too short for you and converses with every outfit. It is where you will have some pretty amazing slumber parties. It is where you will discover Blink 182, Jewel, Good Charlotte and Taking Back Sunday. Take care of these mix cd's because you will still listen to them from time to time to remember back to those good ole' days. 

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I will of course tell you that yes high school is fun but it will also be the hardest for you and that you will partially find your voice here... you will find that your heart belongs with giving to anything and anyone who needs help. You have such a strong love for people and even though they may let you down and you may not understand why things can't just be simpler, you will keep on giving your heart out. 

I would also tell you that you cannot fix everything & everyone even though you truly believe so in your heart.... that doesn't mean to stop trying.. NEVER stop trying but just know that you cannot help a situation unless it is willing to be helped. This is probably very hard for you to understand and even till this day it is something I struggle to make sense of because my heart will always ache for those in need.

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I would of course tell you to listen to your parents more, they may actually know a thing or two despite what your teenage mind may think. They are one of your biggest fans and will help you through some of your hardest times.

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I would tell you to believe in yourself when everyone else will tell you you can't because you truly can make your dreams a reality. 

Do not listen to those people who will tell you that you are crazy to not go to college, that journey is not for everyone and you will be ok. Listen to your heart sweet girl and you will be ok.

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I would tell you its ok to stand up for yourself, you may have a little voice but your heart is big and you know what is right.

I would tell you to hold on to every last minute and don't worry about the future but instead live in the now because these truly are some of the best days of your life.

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Tell your Mom & Dad you love them everyday. Call your grandparents more. 
NEVER loose your wild at heart spirit... this is when you feel most alive.
Create art everyday & listen to your heart.
 But most of all thank the Lord every second for all that he has blessed you with.

- 24 year old Lindsay


  1. I wrote a post similar to this a few months ago but mine was to my 16 year old self. It's so crazy to see how far we have came over the years and how much we have changed. Love this post!