Share the Love Monday...

Share the Love Monday is a day dedicated to new things I'm currently loving rather that be people, products, art supplies, food, shopping ect. Most importantly though it is a day built around the idea of supporting others and sharing there wonderful talents. To me thats what this is all about... sharing, creating, inspiring, and supporting others in this great creative community that the blogging social media world has created. Feel Free to Share the Love as well and link up in the comments below. I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday.
Big Hugs

She is always so sweet and leaving me little comments here and there so I just had to share her with yall. She has such sweet pictures of her little munchkins and a great little blog as well.
She has the most wonderful dreamy pictures as well as a beautiful blog with tons of great craft inspiration. 

The Lumineers
Katie Herzig

I have followed her for sometime now but let me just tell you this little lady is so funny I love her wild free spirit when it comes to creating. She is great and I so enjoy watching all of her art videos each week.

Share the Love Monday 4/29

Things I'm loving at the moment...

Kinnikinnick Multigrain Gluten Free Bread
This is my all time favorite Gluten Free Bread. It has sunflower seeds in it which I love. It comes frozen so I just keep it in the freezer and toast a piece when needed. I am currently addicted to toasting it then adding peanut butter while its still warm... Soooo delicious!!
Essie's Ballet Slippers
Best natural nude ever!!! I hate when you buy a pretty nude and in the bottle it looks like a pretty milky pink color but on the nails its almost clear. Thats why I loveee this color its a thick formula so the color really shows up which I love. This is definently a good wedding day nail option too!! Hey Hey Spring 2014! I can't wait!
Udi's Oatmeal Raisin Gluten Free Cookies
Oh my Goodness these are so good! You can find them in the refrigerated section. I like to warm them up in the microwave to make them extra gooey and delicious!! They have other flavors that I'm sure are good as well but I haven't tried them yet! If you have tried any of these let me know whats your favorite.
Jonagold Apples
I have been addicted to these recently I love them either sliced and dipped in peanut butter or sprinkled with cinnamon. Refrigerated of course... I like my fruit freezing cold!
Banana Boats Self Tanning Lotion
This is the exact one I use, its very subtle but if built up over a few days can give you a pretty sun kissed look. I am huge freak when it comes to wearing sunscreen and not laying out baking your self to a crisp. Yes when I was in my teens I unfortunately did but I find that this is more healthier alternative. Its like 7$-8$ and lasts me quite awhile, you can usually find coupons to for banana boats stuff.
Vaseline's Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy
This has been a favorite of mine for sometime now, but not until recently have I really noticed how much it keeps my lips from getting chapped. It is a little thick and sticky but it is totally worth the stickiness because of how well it keeps my lips moisturized. Plus it comes in the cutest little container. Make sure to get the cocoa one they have a regular one but the cocoa one smells really yummy.

That's all for this week!
Love you guys!


A Letter to my Teenage Self...

 photo SCAN0043.jpg

Dear Teenage Me,

Wow where could I start and what could I tell you that you might actually listen too... at this age you unfortunently think you know so much but oh girl you have no idea. You have always been in such sync with what is in your heart and you have always been very good at listening to it but you will of course stumble here and there. You are so soft spoken and will frequently get walked on by other people but I will tell you that thats ok because you find your voice eventually.

 photo rain014-1.jpg

I would tell you that it's ok that your not like everyone else and even though sometimes you may feel like something's wrong with you because you don't like to party and you don't seem to connect with a lot of other people your age... yes you are an old soul it is just the facts and the sooner you accept this the sooner you will begin to come into your own.

I will tell you that some of your best friends may break your heart and you may lose touch but do not worry sweet girl the lord will bless you with some sweet friends who truly complete your soul.

 photo 673DDA0C-5169-41CD-B16F-1E8D62EB5616-2078-000000FA652279E4.jpg

I would of course tell you to not even waste your time with boys because the love of your life is yes indeed who you think it is... and yes people will tell you you are crazy and to young to even know what love is, but you know what??? They're wrong!!  

 photo Collagebjkbk.jpg
 photo l_61106867a077ce6a8dea74a2570c1a10.jpg

He will make all your wildest dreams come true and give you some of the best memories of your life. He is your best friend and your biggest fan.

 photo Collagevhbi.jpg photo l_2a2bce2f7cc556d8aac9592b4349186a.jpg

You may think wow I love this sweet boy so much, but oh man just wait. Yall will go through so much together and in the end you will always become closer and stronger. This is a once in a lifetime kind of love sweet girl so cherish every second of it.

I would tell you to not worry... because you are worrying way too much. 
Everything will work out better than you could ever imagine.

I would tell you that you will struggle but that you will make it through school especially high school and even though at times it may seem rough you will grow up and look back on these years and truly cherish them forever. It is where you will meet your soon to be husband and the father of your children one day. It is where your love for art will truly be found. It is where you will have your first kiss, 
and your first heartbreak. You will wear shorts that are too short for you and converses with every outfit. It is where you will have some pretty amazing slumber parties. It is where you will discover Blink 182, Jewel, Good Charlotte and Taking Back Sunday. Take care of these mix cd's because you will still listen to them from time to time to remember back to those good ole' days. 

 photo Collagekiytuykuy.jpg
 photo 53354931-CB02-4D7D-A4F2-5A72CF4F19C3-2078-000000FA958CA8A1.jpg

I will of course tell you that yes high school is fun but it will also be the hardest for you and that you will partially find your voice here... you will find that your heart belongs with giving to anything and anyone who needs help. You have such a strong love for people and even though they may let you down and you may not understand why things can't just be simpler, you will keep on giving your heart out. 

I would also tell you that you cannot fix everything & everyone even though you truly believe so in your heart.... that doesn't mean to stop trying.. NEVER stop trying but just know that you cannot help a situation unless it is willing to be helped. This is probably very hard for you to understand and even till this day it is something I struggle to make sense of because my heart will always ache for those in need.

 photo E96C262D-1AE0-4D70-A509-B4E154ADAD33-2078-000000FA738D68B0.jpg

I would of course tell you to listen to your parents more, they may actually know a thing or two despite what your teenage mind may think. They are one of your biggest fans and will help you through some of your hardest times.

 photo Collagemon.jpg

I would tell you to believe in yourself when everyone else will tell you you can't because you truly can make your dreams a reality. 

Do not listen to those people who will tell you that you are crazy to not go to college, that journey is not for everyone and you will be ok. Listen to your heart sweet girl and you will be ok.

 photo B1EA7324-7EC2-420C-BBB4-5396E4B1BCFB-2078-000000FA9C118ABA.jpg

I would tell you its ok to stand up for yourself, you may have a little voice but your heart is big and you know what is right.

I would tell you to hold on to every last minute and don't worry about the future but instead live in the now because these truly are some of the best days of your life.

 photo funn129-2.jpg

Tell your Mom & Dad you love them everyday. Call your grandparents more. 
NEVER loose your wild at heart spirit... this is when you feel most alive.
Create art everyday & listen to your heart.
 But most of all thank the Lord every second for all that he has blessed you with.

- 24 year old Lindsay


Flower Child

A new little video for you pretty people.
Big hugs.

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Share the Love Monday

Ok so for some time now I've had this idea to dedicate a day each week to post about new things I'm really loving at the moment rather that be people, products, art supplies, food, shopping ect. I mostly love the idea of sharing other peoples talents and creating a great supportive community. Thats what all of this is about right?! To create, share, inspire and support others! So I am going to make the plunge to commit to a new series every Monday. It will be called Share the love Monday and it is starting today. Woo Hoo!! I'm excited and feel free to share in the comments your recent favorites or if you want to share the love as well don't forget to link up in the comments below.
I hope you guys like and I hope you had a good Monday.
Love you sweet friends.

She is just so stinkin' adorable and her blog is great as well!
She is a beautiful mixed media artist, I love her use of bright color and her fun art journals.
Super cute jewelry and style inspiration.

She is such an absolute sweetheart I love her! She has the best mixed media art videos.
She does beautiful whimsical Mixed Media art.
She is a Beauty blogger.. she is crazy, hilarious and I love her!

Dazzling Lana
I love there colorful boho hippie style.
Happy Days
Super cute simple jewelry pieces handmade by a super sweet lady.

Take Heart
I have been following Danielle for sometime now she has such a sweet heart and a great sense of humor. This girl cracks me up!!! I just love her and her little muchkins are absolutely adorable.
Delighted Momma
I loveee all her recipes they are usually gluten free and paleo friendly. Love. Love.
DKW Styling
I actually found her on youtube and I love her hairstyling videos but her blog is great as well for style inspiration.

Recent Favorites

 If you know me... you know I love my popcorn and this is super yummy and a more healthy alternative to the bagged butter popcorn because it is dairy free and it is naturally popped with sunflower oil! 
Oh my gosh I cannot get enough of these. Ever since last summer when I found out my body didn't like gluten :( I have been on the hunt for new good snacks. These chips are wonderful even if your fine with eating gluten you must try them, they are full of flavor and super yummy. I am also super excited about the fact that I can now actually be included in on nacho nights!
This is just a wonderful super cheap liquid concealer by NYX and I love it!! They also have a yellow shaded one for under eye darkness. These are great.
If you follow me on instagram you probably saw the picture I posted of me in this dress. Online its still like $30 something dollars but I found it in the store on the clearance rack marked down even more. I ended up buying it for $11. It's super comfy... I wore it this weekend with a large oversized sweater and some little sandals.
NYX wonder pencil! This thing truly is a wonder and its super handy to keep in your purse. It's great for any random blemish spots outlining your lips when wearing a bright colored lipstick and so much more. Highly recommend trying this little guy!
Yes I knowwww I'm way behind all the dry shampoo rave, but this girl likes her showers. If I am having to wake up early... I seriously cannot wake up without a shower so I haven't ever really needed dry shampoo because my hair is usually clean butttt I wanted to try it because I heard it was great for adding volume!! It smells super good its like $5 and I have totally been loving this stuff!!
Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman. I first heard about these brushes on the youtube channel MMandLshow and I don't know what else I can say other than the fact that I am officially obsessed!!! They are awesome, the price range for brushes is awesome especially if you buy the kits that come with 4. I love these if you are looking for great makeup brushes these are great and they are super soft!!
I saw this the other day randomly at target and thought what the heck its $3 it looked pretty when I swatched it on my hand so I grabbed it. I have worn it three times now and I love it.. its not glittery...
 its a very light natural looking highlighter and is great for summer coming up.
Oh my goodness!! These long loose fitted tank tops are amazing I have seriously been looking for these foreverrrr. I bought them in all the neutral colors, they are long enough to wear with leggings and are super cute layered with sweaters or scarfs so they are great for all year round.

And Lastly. . .
My New Favorite Snacks

 photo Collageguigu.jpg

Left: So Delicious Mint Chip 
Right: Toast with Peanut Butter sprinkled with sugar 
(or stevia I use trivia) and salt. This is salty sweet heaven.


My Favorite Lip Products

Favorite Lip Products

This is what I use almost everyday especially if I'm going to wear a lip stick, its almost like a sugar scrub for your lips. It tastes good, it feels good and it pulls all that yucky dead skin off of your lips. 
Super cheap too! It's $3 at Target! Elf has great brushes as well I especially love the foundation brushes.

My all time favorite Chap stick (moisturizing one that is... now my favorite menthol one is a totally different story I loveeee anything menthol but I've been trying to stay away from it because I read it can dry your lips out :( that was a very sad day) but anyways back to the Palmers cocoa butter this stuff is great it lasts forever and you can literally use it anywhere... dry skin, hair fly aways, nail cuticles... ect. You can find this at Walgreens.

I received this chap stick over a year ago as a gift and it is literally no joke like putting butter on your lips, it is so soft it tastes and smells like a yummy delicious lemon drop. You can find this at Bath & Body works. One Word! Amazing!

I just discovered these at Ulta and oh my gosh I am obsessed! They are highly pigmented for a lip gloss which I love and is also great for you non lipstick wearers. They smell like something super sweet and they aren't too sticky.... ugh does anyone else hate sticky lip glosses (sorry MAC) but I can not stand a lip gloss that is super thick and sticky I wish it didn't bother me because MAC has some beautiful colors but I just cant do it. But these are wonderful they aren't too light and they aren't too thick they are just perfect! Go get them now if possible! My Favorite colors right now are Meringue, E'clair, Apple Strudel, and Tiramisu. You can find them at Ulta.

This lipstick is my all time favorite nude color its super creamy, it smells fresh and the color is super pigmented and lovely. It isn't the cheapest lipstick ever but not the most expensive either this color is unfortunately super hard to find though and is usually out of stock every where. I have luckily found a somewhat ok alternative which is number 5 below. You can find this at most any malls that is if you can find it and If you do find it please let me know :)

This is my alternative for the Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle. The good things about this lipstick are that it is way cheap $8 and I usually can find it half off and the colors are very very similar. The only down sides to this lipstick when comparing it to the Estee Lauder is that its not as thick and creamy and the color is less pigmented meaning you can't get as much of that strong nude color that I love in the Lauder one. But all in all its a great cheap nude staple every girl should have in there makeup bag!! You can find this at any Drug store, Ulta, Target, Walmart just about anywhere that carries drugstore brand cosmetics.

I love almost every NYX product and there prices are amazing!! There lip products are especially wonderful, this is one of my all time favorite colors by them its kind of a nude lightish mauvy color. It's not a super bright look at me color but its very pigmented, super creamy and the color is gorgeous. I love this and it looks good on just about any skin tone. I like to top it of with a coat of the NYX lip butters in the color meringue. You can find this at Ulta.

This lipstick is sooooo pretty its a nude with a little undertone of light pink. It looks more nude on but the little bit of pink it has in it just gives the most natural pretty lip. This color looks great on literally everyone, its a super soft creamy lipstick and super cheap!! You can once again find it anywhere where they sell drugstore cosmetic brands.

I stumbled upon this one day at Target and its just a great super cheap ($3) lip balm its super soft and gives your lips just a tad bit of color, almost like a very natural lip stain but without the staining (does that make sense?) I think it smells and feels exactly like burts bees chap stick but softer and creamier!! This is just a great alternative to chap stick if your wanting a tad bit of color. Oh and it has spf15 so its great for summer coming up!! You can find this at Target.

I combined these two because they are literally the same thing except for the price. The Pink Pop is actually a prettier color on me and the Saint Germain does have a tad bit of frost in it so it has a more electric wow factor but I love love love the pink pop especially for summer! It's totally a barbie pink but it looks super pretty applied lightly then topped with gloss as well for a more softer look. I also love the pink pops bright neon packaging. You can find the Saint Germain at any MAC store and the Pink Pop anywhere they sell drugstore cosmetics.

This stuff is definitely my favorite clear gloss to wear over any of my lipsticks or just by its self. It's super soft and light, its filled with great moisturizing oils and it smells like yummy vanilla. You can find this at Bath & Body Works.

What are some of your favorite Lip Products I'd love to hear them.


Be Brave

I feel like these past couple of weeks have been such a whirl wind, its not that I have been just so insanely busy but its just that overwhelming feeling that you have so much stuff you need to get done. I kind of hate this feeling but let me tell you when it comes to your dreams slowly becoming a reality it is such a blessing and you won't see this girl complaining. I am so gracious to have the work as well as the new opportunity's that have come about. I sometimes get discouraged with myself and  feel like I'm not able to make things happen fast enough but when I think all the way back to a little over a year ago when I quit my full time job and decided I was going to take the big leap of pursuing my dreams of being an artist I remind myself daily that..  I can't compare myself to others and secondly being that I have come a far way from that last year. I've grown as an artist probably more than I ever have and I have slowly found myself creating my own style which to me is truly the most important part of becoming a artist. I believe so deeply in my heart that god does have a great plan for me and that I will use the gifts he has given to me to my most absolute fullest power. I may be my own worst critic but I will never stop believing in my dreams. I also would just like to say something that keeps surprising me time and time again and that is all the wonderful women that I have met along this little journey of mine (artist/bloggers/random emails/instagram) they are all so wonderful with their sweet words and huge kind hearts, they continually encourage me at what always seems to be the most perfect timing. The have helped me when I have questions or have even over time turned into friendships I will cherish forever. I don't know what I would do without these wonderful ladies, my family and my sweet Jeremy who by the way I wonder everyday how I got so lucky to deserve such a wonderful man... he's my biggest fan and encourages me everyday to spread those wings of mine and be brave.

Wow so I guess this little post that I planned on being packed full of random pictures turned into this long huge thank you to everyone... yall all know who you are.
This is from me to you. 
We need more of you wonderful dreamers in the world.
Be Brave.

and of course a fun few pictures of life lately...
 photo 2753B5A6-571C-43D8-933E-62DF07CBC697-1728-00000178B0AFFA93.jpg
 photo 98127810-2832-4853-BDA5-BD96D43528B0-1728-000001783F85141D.jpg
Teaching art classes with these little cuties.
 photo A38B54C2-A61F-477D-B569-F3DC0005BA16-1728-0000017845A07A62.jpg

 photo Collagenvfkenakr.jpg
we have been soaking up all this beautiful weather with sweet friends.
 photo CF4120F0-4C2B-4D52-95F6-6BA8A2EF605F-1728-000001789D26F82A.jpg
 photo 9EF0151F-57BE-4E65-9980-F811B9E9D9D3-1728-00000178F60E84B4.jpg

 photo 96C8AA02-64DD-4F55-A3C4-F25EF0718CAF-1728-000001780DC3F111.jpg

Baseball Season has begun...
and yes that hamburger is bigger than our heads it had 2 pounds of beef, 1 pound of bacon and a huge pretzel bun. Jeremy was in heaven. I stuck with the mint chocolate chip ice cream :)

 photo 5DB1137D-DD7A-4D66-BEED-0464D46E77DB-1882-000001922EF68756.jpg

 photo Collagefnreangfo.jpg

 photo C8DD4299-4A7B-49B3-AB7E-C5C650096C25-1728-00000178D7256749.jpg
Jagger is so excited for this warm weather he is the king of all kings when it comes to sunbathing.
 photo 68E3039B-8385-4EF0-8552-A376C96D46B0-1728-0000017858FAC5C3.jpg
 photo 549DB7C0-241B-43E3-A841-03CF3A8EECA2-1882-00000193B044E4CB.jpg

Sent out my first etsy order this week as well such a fun experience,
I couldn't have asked for a sweeter customer thanks again Hannah for everything you rock!
I hope you all are doing well.
big hugs