Spring is here...

  We've been all sorts of crafty up in here these past few weeks.
 I have truly been pushing my self to create everyday and
I have only fallen more in love with art then I ever thought I could.
It truly fills my soul with happiness.
I started teaching my first art class with the cutest little group of girls and I am loving it.
I will post pictures once we've completed our project.
But other than that all is well I hope all of you wonder people are enjoying this pretty spring weather.
We can't wait for the summer over here, we are definitely warm weather people.
 photo 7227560C-203C-4B7D-B0B7-74D44C5E7DCB-6858-00000483F30DD56F.jpg

 photo 7EC8B013-6D00-44E1-A969-821AD84B5B9F-6858-0000048269300745.jpg

 photo E77343EE-18D9-482C-8395-AF190A75E85A-6858-000004823743FC14.jpg

 photo 2EC3876B-157C-42EC-8BCC-66F8B1A907E2-6858-00000482E308502F.jpg

I even got my sweet Jeremy to spend a night creating with me.

 photo E7CE74ED-F510-42A4-B102-911F898E1E16-6858-00000482BF1C58F9.jpg
 photo 8F20EA17-A2E3-42AC-8939-1DC5CBC4DC18-6858-00000482772D806D.jpg
 photo 570C85F9-7169-4CE5-A15F-A0CE1770D66C-6858-0000048329DBCACD.jpg
 photo D286CB88-526F-4E81-9304-3E28BBB2E84A-6858-0000048321365396.jpg photo 17CE2E18-2D28-44E4-8D38-3804A8E146CA-6858-00000483B1051755.jpg

 photo 6358F00A-BC27-4FAE-A8C3-2B593DF5B0D6-6858-000004840B20F6D1.jpg photo 1943CEA1-5094-4A4E-B5A7-EC88826E5FD1-6858-0000048313E99DCB.jpg

 photo BCDA70AC-2155-4601-AA7B-FA239A6AA31B-6858-00000482F769CD70.jpg

Big Hugs Sweet Friends.

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