This Months Favorite Things...

In Food...
  Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
  Warming up my almond Butter and then melting coconut oil into it.... two words HOLY YUMM!!
  Chopped Green Onions in my Scrambled Eggs
  Hard Boiled Eggs
  and Starbucks Passion Tea (unsweetened)

 photo FC0C44CA-128E-42AD-BFF9-28AA6D13D910-6892-0000048616DBC456.jpg
 photo 86DA621D-3074-4790-B260-A31759B28F72-6892-00000488FFF9AFFE.jpg

In Art...
  This month I started teaching my first mixed media art class and have truly found a love for  teaching.
  Coffee Filters (Amazing)
  The Gelli Plate
  Oil Pastels
  and this huge handcarved wooden stamp I found antiquing... it is amazinggg!

 photo 07FAA080-E9C9-4E23-B8AD-EA2BDC58375F-6858-000004828F81527E.jpg

 photo 6894B265-DA09-41DD-BC0F-517967F4E20A-6858-000004825A1F2915.jpg

  I haven't had mine done in like foreverrrr so basically a big birds nest on the top of my head with a  headband is all that is happening right now.
But I am loving this... this.. and this.
These are my favorite hair ties ever!!

 photo 621F846F-3762-4EEF-AB8D-69B949D511CC-6858-00000482AF2AFCB5.jpg

 photo ca19069a10c811e2b12812313804cec1_7.jpg

   this hair care line.
   this YouTube channel for beauty tips and tricks, plus they are hilarious!
   this one really made me laugh!
   and Baking Soda... I have been using this after I wash my face, I add a little bit of water to it and rub into a circular motion all over my face its almost like a softer Microdermabrasion type feeling. Your face will feel great and look great!

In Life...
 we are currently loving Garage Sales
 Whole Foods (I could spend forever in this place)
  Chocolate (its funny to me how chocolate didn't come to my mind when I saw food but when I saw
  Life... Bingo!!)
  and Creating more art of coarse!

 photo 6C3A04E8-EBAA-4E81-93C2-B6C0A1F27E92-6892-0000048AB8A21BAF.jpg

 photo 85df4c22567511e1abb01231381b65e3_7.jpg
 photo 5656AAFE-A232-4FE4-B1A8-3A56B0FE9C2D-6892-0000048A8514A41C.jpg

   What are some of your new Favorite Things...
I'd love to hear them.
Big Hugs

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