My Easy Everyday Makeup Must Haves...

Everyday Makeup
I rub this silky smooth primer on my face before I put any of my makeup on, it really creates a smooth surface for a more flawless natural look.
 Foundation & Concealers - (from left to right)
This is great for an all day flawless look. I use for those spot where your make usually smudges like under your eyes, around your nose, blemishes, and the chin.This stuff is awesome and will last all day. (It is thicker so I have found it looks best when applied with a foundation brush.)
Is wonderful for all those other places that you don't use the Pro Longwear for its much more lightweight.
This is great to just have on hand when you need to cover up a blemish or sun spot, I definitely don't use this everyday but its great to have for those times when you do need it.
This is what I use on top of my foundation & concealer to set it as well as to create a flawless finished face look. This is my everyday go to powder, it is amazing! If you haven't tried this you must go get this asap!
Bronzer -
Whats so wonderful about this bronzer, is it not only comes in a super cute little box with a brush but it lasts foreverrrr! I have literally had mine for like over two years! A little bit goes a long way, it has a nice color not to orangy or greyish and its a great matte natural finish. 
Blush - 
Ok first off this is $3... Amazing!! It has such a super bright pretty bubble gum pink, very similar to the Bobby Brown Pale Pink but minus the $25 price tag. With it's bright pink pigment a little goes a long way so this little guy will last you a good year or so! 
Eyeshadow -
This Pallette is a little more pricey but when you really start adding it up it is so worth it. You have all the colors you would ever need for a natural look all the way to a dramatic smokey eye. I use this every single day (If I'm applying makeup) I have had it for almost over two years. It's also so handy to have all your colors together in one pallet so your not having to keep up with all these little Individual colors. (if you do run out of one certain color they sell small individual colors as well.)
This is something I think everyone should own because even if your not into sparkles or the smokey eyeshadow look this pallet was created to basically just enhance what your natural eye looks like. I use this everyday as well especially if I'm just going for a very natural look. I also use the dark brown color on the end to fill in my eyebrows slightly to give them a more thicker fuller appearance.
 I love a good dark full eyebrow!!
This is a must have alwayssss! I curl my eyelashes before I apply mascara as well as after once they have fully dried.
Mascara -
This mascara is the best I've found so far for the price and how long it lasts me!
Love it!
Brightener/ Highlighter -
This wonderful stuff is great to keep on hand at all times I love to add it once I've applied all my make up under my eyes to give them a really bright happy awake look. You can also use it on the bridge of your nose or anywhere else that you would like to be highlighted. Its super silky feeling on your skin, it doesn't settle in cracks and its all natural! Woo Hoo!
I just recently found this little hidden treasure its super soft has great light pink color and even reminds me a little of Burts Bees with the way it smells and has a little bit of a menthol feeling on your lips. It is 3$ .... Holy Smokes!!! This is currently my favorite go to color for Spring and Summer!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

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