Having Flashbacks from Last Year...

So this past Saturday Jeremy had plans to wake up early and meet a bunch of guys to play some football. Well he did get up early and he did make it to the football field but he didn't quite make it to the football playing part. As he was walking to the field he stepped into a huge deep hole and he said he heard the loudest most awful pop and tearing noise. He came home limping and told me what had happened, I couldn't believe what he was telling me and I cried of coarse because thats just what I do, but I felt so bad for him.You can read my previous post here about J's surgery. The photos below were taken over a year ago after his first ACL surgery.

Even as we were driving to the doctor to get the bad news we were so desperately hoping to not be true we planned on making a fun day out of it. Jeremy was able to take the whole day off from work and we had the whole day to do whatever our little hearts desired. It doesn't get much better than that!
And these short neon green shorts he was instructed to wear and then had to walk around the whole Clinic in definitely kept our happy spirits up...  They were much shorter in person I will have you know... he cheated and pulled them down a little for the picture.We couldn't stop laughing.
The results were basically what we already knew he would tell us, that he totally re-blew his ACL again, but what we didn't know was that he may have to not only go through one surgery but two. The first surgery would be to go in and put bone plugs into the holes he now has in his knee from the large screws used to hold the donor tendon in place. Then he will have to wait up to two months for the bone to take and heal then the next surgery is of coarse the ACL reconstruction. The other difference about this time compared to the last surgery is we will also have to make the decision of what he will want to replace his ACL tendon with, his Patellar tendon or his Hamstring Muscle. His previous surgery he used a donors tendon. Has anyone out there had any history or know anyone who has used their hamstring or their patellar tendon. I would love to know any pros or cons. Next Tuesday we have to go back in and the doctor will talk with us more in detail with what he saw in the MRI's and whats our next steps. If I could so graciously please ask for prayers for Jeremy and that he hopefully will only have to endure one surgery but even more importantly for a good fast recovery. I think the first time for anything is always harder just because of the unknown and not knowing what to expect so this time we feel a lot more relaxed and ready but its still just a big ole pain in the butt, and not to mention a very long painful recovery. We will still stay thankful and happy through it all we are so very thankful that J is able to have the care and knowledge of good doctors, we are thankful we are able to receive good medical care and most of all if this little bump in the road is the worst thing in our lives right now then we are doing good. It's so easy to get caught up in the little things but it is also so easy to think how blessed we are when we think of all the way bigger problems going on in the world. I also selfishly do get a little excited that he gets to take off work and I get to play nurse and take care of him all day! We get to snuggle up and watch movies all day... and we all know thats my most favorite thing ever!
After the longggg day at the Doctors office we were starvingggg so we went to the Cheescake Factory (He got Spaghetti and I got a Turkey Burger) we then walked around the mall for a little and then headed off to the movies for a little date night! We saw The Silver Lining it was really funny and sweet. I ate way to much popcorn!! It's a problem I have.. popcorn of any kind is my weakness!
By the end of the night we had such a wonderful day. Its kind of crazy to think that because we had just received such terrible news but somehow we turned what seemed to be bad day into quite lovely one. You know you've got a keeper when the person your with has just been told there knee is going to possibly need two surgeries and not to mention spend a butt load of money on it but can then still make you feel so special and laugh harder than ever. 
Yep he's a keeper for sure!!


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a Holiday I truly hold close to my Heart I don't think I used to realize how truly wonderful it is that there is a day solely devoted to giving thanks for all of our Wonderful Blessing the Lord has so graciously Blessed us with. Last year was a pretty tough one for me and Jeremy's family's for all sorts of reasons (you can read last years post here.) So with this new year almost coming to an end and Christmas being so near I can't help but to almost bring my self to tears with all my thankfulness and the good gracious things this year has brought. It's terrible to think that sometimes it takes the most terrible things to happen to wake us up and realize how much we take for granted each and every day. I am so very Thankful this Thanksgiving and everyday after for the Lord truly has a plan and I've learned if you just believe in his plan peace and happiness will fill your Heart. I hope everyone had such a lovely long weekend and spent it with the ones you love so dear..
and of coarse ate tons and tons of yummy blessed food!
So much so that you had to go put your stretchy pants on!!


Jeremy's Beautiful Mother, his Brother and his lovely girlfriend.


Hahaha and this would be my Mom and I bundled up bearing the cold while standing in Targets Black Friday line. I think everyone thought we were just a tad bit crazy because we didn't really have anything that we went for, we just wanted to go for the experience since we had never done Black Friday. I have to say I really liked it! It was so much fun running around like a crazy person, we made some friends and shared a bag of popcorn! I'd say it was a pretty good ending to a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

It's the Greatest time of Year

Fall and Winter is by far my most Favorite time of year. 
It's when I feel most inspired to create and go out and make Adventures.
It doesn't get much better than snuggling up by the fire, the smell of cinnamon and coffee,
 the ever changing gold & red leaves, twinkle lights, cozy warm sweaters, 
movie nights and spending time with family and friends. 
Why are you so wonderful Fall and why can't you just stay forever.




We love you Fall.
- Lin, J, Jagger & Lucy


Happy Thanksgiving


We hope you all have a wonderful little Turkey Day
and spend it with the ones you love most. 


My New Favorite Snack

I just recently tried this and I am addicted. I have always had a love for popcorn but since trying to eat better and live a more healthy lifestyle I wanted to be able to create a more better alternative to those prepackaged microwave bags full of bad fats and lots of sugar. When I tried this for the first time I admit I really didn't set my hopes to high, I thought it was going to be bland and soggy and maybe even burnt. But this simple recipe totally blew my mind and whats even better is you can flavor it to whatever you like. Can you just imagine all the different flavor combinations!!
These are the kind of things that make me happy and get me all excited.

What you will need:

- Large Pot
- 1/3 cup of Popcorn Kernels
- 3 Tbsp of Virgin Coconut Oil
- 3 Tbsp Real Butter
- Salt
- Pepper
- Garlic Salt
 (optional.. but is recommended if you like a subtle garlic taste... so yummy!)

How to make this Deliciousness...

First start off by placing your Popcorn Kernels,
2 tsp Salt, 1/2 tsp of Pepper and your Coconut Oil in a large pot.
Turn your heat on Medium to High and place a lid over the pot.
About every 10-15 seconds rotate/shake your pot slightly so that the kernels can constantly be fully coated in the oil and to avoid burning the kernels. It will take a little while maybe like 3-5 minutes until you will start to see it popping, but don't worry just keep rotating your pot to keep the kernels from burning and you will be fine. I thought I was doing something wrong at first but it just takes a few minutes. Once the popcorn starts popping make sure to keep the lid on and keep rotating and tilting your pot to keep it from burning but make sure its still getting a little heat from the burner. After its done popping turn off your heat and add in your butter, I took a little knife and rubbed it on the bottom of the pot so it melted and then toss your popcorn around to coat it all with that delicious butter goodness. Now comes the time to add your flavorings I added more salt to taste and garlic powder. Just keep tossing your popcorn and sprinkling it with garlic powder and salt until its to your liking. For any leftovers I just stored it in an airtight bag for later.

Hope yall enjoy!
Let me know if you discover any fun flavor combinations.


Something New...


These words just make my heart flutter.

Crafts for the Weekend...

Every year when it starts to get cold I always get the urge to pull out the crochet hooks!
I usually just make a bunch of scarves but I wanted to try making my first hat after seeing this cute slouchy beanie on Pinterest (for the puff stitch I watched tutorials on YouTube.) It was super fun and actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I will most certainly being making more of these for this Winter. Christmas Gift ideas maybe??



I painted these cute little Pumpkins for Fall 
they were inspired by the wonderful Alisa Burke.
By the way they have great Styrofoam pumpkins
 for this craft at the the Dollar Tree!


And of course you will need your Best Crafty Sidekick!


Happy Crafting!

Pups Behind Bars

Does anyone else have mischievous little pups
who love to get food off of the kitchen counters?
We do!!!


The Texas State Fair

We ate. 
We walked. 
We danced.
We ate some more.
 We laughed.
 And we ate even more.
 We all left with sugar highs, 
sore legs and more great memories.


My legs were killing me... This is how I fixed it!
A super hot bath jumping in with clothes and all!
(I wish I could have taken a picture of later on when Jeremy and JAGGER...
Yes my 115 pound lab joined me haha it was quite the sight!)


And I just had to share this sweet little blast from the past photo...
Me and Jeremy at the State Fair in 2006 and 2012.
It's so fun being in love with your childhood sweetheart.
I'm one lucky lady.