Someone has a Secret...

Meet Jagger... 
He's my 120 pound White Lab who is always up for some snuggling and can usually be found with his blankie. Yes a blankie! He has carried a blankie everywhere since the night we brought him home. He is the weirdest most sweetest dog ever and I think he might even start speaking english soon with all his weird noises he's been making lately. But behind those sappy puppy dog eyes and those squishy lovable lumps he has a secret.
He is a hoarder!
You heard me right.. a hoarder. 
He has always had this habit of getting strange objects throughout the house and hoards them under his big paws. I've always taken pictures and just sent them to Jeremy but until yesterday when I found him snuggled up with a clothes hanger I never really thought wow I bet I have so many pictures of him with his random little treasures he finds throughout the house. 
So now that the secrets out, I thought I would just share a few pictures of Jagger & his little findings.
 Little Jagger discovering his love for objects. His Beloved Blankie of coarse and the start of his Hoarding.
 A Potatoe? A Snake Stuffed Toy. A Shoe.
 Bugs Bunny? He used to carry this little Fuzzy green Guy everywhere even outside, when it was time to go to bed,  even putting it by his food bowl when he ate. Oh another really funny thing he used to have an obsession with ponytail holders. He used to have to have it on his arm at all times, or he would put his paw in your lap until you put it back on for him. He especially wanted it on when he went for walks? I know he's weird! And then hoarding the remote of coarse for the 1,000th time. If you can't find the remote find Jagger and he will most likely have it.
 Frisbee. Small Elephant Toy from Meme. Oven Mitt. Nail Stuff.
And then this was him yesterday just snuggling with a Clothes hanger? 
I know there are so many more things I didn't take pictures of 
but I just thought this was so funny I had to share it with you. 

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  1. That's so funny! Our pug likes to collect stuff too...mostly his toys though. He puts them in piles around the house and if you move them he'll put them right back. This made me laugh :) So cute!