This morning I was on Facebook and I read this...

"If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it doesn't CHANGE you."

I immediately smiled and thought wow.. that is so my life right now.
Ever since I quit my job a few months back I knew there was a calling for me to do "something". 
What that "something" is I am still figuring out but I feel in my heart what I am doing is right. 
Since I made the change and quit I have been constantly Challenging my self to take my self out of my own comfort zone and in this process it has changed me. I have met people I probably wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to meet. I have had new opportunity's come about. But most importantly I have been pushing my own personal self growth and I can honestly say that within the 5 short months of this year I feel like I have grown more than ever before. I have learned that every person in our lives, new or old, are meant to teach us something. I am truly listening to people now and with that I myself am learning new things. One of my most biggest beliefs is that a person should never stop growing, You should always constantly be challenging yourself to become a better you and do better. A lot of times I think we can get comfortable within our everyday lives and our relationships with others more importantly. If everything is always staying the same its going to be harder to grow in your relationships this way.
I love this quote...

"Growth starts with a decision to move beyond your Present Circumstances."

 Sometimes you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone, rather it be with the people around you, something you're scared of, following your heart even something as simple as going to a new restaurant. This is something Jeremy & I have really been working on as well and I really think doing things like this has the ability to create the best relationships or even make current relationships better. Growing together & Creating new circumstances and in some funny instances of trying new things, you'll probably get some good stories out of it! I don't want to ever be comfortable because being comfortable isn't challenging. Its easy and when things are easy. Change usually isn't going to happen as easily.

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  1. wow this is a great post! and totally something i needed to read today!! :)