This has been our week and partly last week since I didn't have time to post anything. 
This week has been so Nutso.... Jeremy left for the Master's Tuesday morning, Tornados, Work, Sewing classes, Jeremys car got stuck in the mud, Easters coming up... getting wedding gifts. 
Woo I am worn out!
Tonight we are going to the Rangers game for some junk food and fun with the parents!
 Date night at Luna's then we saw Hunger Games...
 I still haven't made my mind up on if I liked or what I think about it, 
the kids killing kids thing kinda threw me off... anyone else feel this way?
 Lunch on the Rooftop at Dodie's with Jeremy's Mom and Meme!
I tried oysters for the first time... can't say I love em'
Went Thrifting and Searched for Treasures.
 A Little Hail Damage.. this is on all of our cars.. the roof is worse! Yikes!
But everyone is ok, so all is good! I'm trying to convince Jeremy it gives it a little character!
A Little Sunbathing... Jagger lays in the sun every morning
 then he comes in all warm and snuggles up tight with you.
As I was saying he likes to snuggle!
My newest project.. embroidering this little Guy! 
He's far from being done but I'm liking him so far.
I Hope everyone's enjoying this long weekend and has a Happy Easter Sunday.

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