A Terrible Day

So sorry for the lack of post's recently....
 Yesterday, I had big plans for a nice little post filled with tons of  happy pictures from our fun busy weekend, but I think mother nature had a different agenda. We spent most of the day watching the news of the terrible 12 tornado's ripping through the DFW area and huddled downstairs with our blankets and Pups while texting and checking on friends in Lancaster, Dallas, Arlington and Forney. Around 3:00 it all of a sudden got super dark and it sounded like someone was shooting the house with a machine gun. I have seen Hail before but this was huge baseball size hail hitting the glass windows at a super high speed. We grabbed the dogs and Me, My Mom, and My Brother ran downstairs to take cover. Jeremy and my Dad are at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia :( We were finally able to get TV reception just as they are telling everyone in Forney, Heath and McLendon Chisholm County's to take cover. A tornado was in Forney and we were receiving texts from friends it was very bad and houses were being leveled to the ground. For those of you not familiar with the area Forney is about 15 minutes from us, not Far at all.. its the next town over from Heath where we are. It was very scary but I am blessed to be able to say we are all ok. I can't believe all the damage. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their homes and pets. I can't even imagine what your going through and you are in my prayers. I do have to say what is so amazing is there is not one person on the fatality list, not one! It's times like these when you're thankful no one has been severely hurt and its so wonderful to watch community's coming together and people helping other people.

The Forney Tornado was classified as an EF-3
 These were pictures taken by friends of the Baseball size hail we encountered.
-Red Cross Donation Drive-
Donations can be made to the Red Cross via text message. 
Text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.


  1. i go to school in fort worth and all our classes got cancelled, but i think it just skipped over us because nothing but rain occurred. glad you're okay!

  2. Oh my. Those pictures are breathtaking. Prayers for all of those who lost so much. Especially those looking for their pets {who are like children to most people} So sad. :*(
    We live in Ennis {not to far from Lancaster} and I know they also got hit really hard.
    So glad you and your family are safe!
    I am SO not looking forward to this CrAzY spring weather in Texas. Boooooo!
    Last spring the hubs and I had to shuffle our two kiddos into our closet at least thirty times. They always get so scared, so we sing and read books to distract them! :)
    Take care!