One Day Without Shoes

Tom's One Day without Shoe's was last week!
It's a day dedicated to bring awareness about what children without shoes go through, 
many people don't realize what just having a single pair of shoes can prevent. 
Millions of Children are at risk of injury, disease and soil transmitted infections.
In some areas shoes are required for children to attend school.
30,000 people live in one landfill in the Philippines.
On landfills bare feet are exposed to broken glass, syringes and debris.
1,980,000 Kenyan Children are infected by Jiggers.
 Jiggers are burrowing fleas that cause painful lesions.
4,000,000 have Podoconiosis.
Podoconiosis is a debilitating and disfiguring soil-based foot disease.

740,000,000 people are affected by hookworm.
Hookworm can cause intestinal pain, weakness and cognitive impairment.
Toms asks us to go One Day Without Shoes so you can have a small bit of realization of what so many people go through each day. 
 I went One Day without Shoes... Did you??
Go one day without shoes so kids don't have to!

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