On the Road: Day One

Me and J set out on the open road last Thursday Night! 
We had plans to drive to Marble Falls where we would stay the night, then get up bright and early for a day of digging for Treasures in Fredericksburg! We had such an amazing time we Laughed till we cried, ate tons of yummy Local Treats and Shopped till our feet were sore in which we had to break for a little Mid Day Nap!

 As soon as J got off work we hit the trip off with what better than a big ole' bag of Cheetohs 
and some hand made sandwiches made by M-uuah!

We were so busy taking in the Beautiful Texas Sunset we didn't even notice the Gas Meter was on Empty... and when I say empty I mean like Bright Orange Blinking Empty Gas light! We were literally in the middle of no where it was starting to get late and I was starting to panic. Jeremy tried to play it cool for a little when the GPS said there was a Valero pretty close but after it lead us to an empty lot we thought for sure we were going to be hitch hiking it to the nearest gas station but luckily out of the middle of no where a big huge brightly lit Gas station appeared! 
I never thought I'd be so happy to see an Exxon!
The next Morning we started off the day with Texas Size Waffles 
and headed for the Fredericksburg Trade Days!
 We found lots of pretty Treasures under those Sparkly Dusty lit Tents.
 Next stop Downtown!
 The town was Gorgeous I wouldn't have minded staying there for the next two weeks or so!!

Yes we had some of Wheelers Famous Jalapeno Cornbread, and yes it was Delicious!!
 Meet Sweet Lance! 
He kept us laughing while we enjoyed our yummy dinner. A few facts about Lance, 
He is the Captain of this Carriage. He has the sweetest little eyes
 and most importantly he loves the soft spot behind his ears to be scratched.
We ended the night by snuggled up in bed while sharing our Chocolates from the Old Candy shop.
 What a great first little day we had... I will post the rest of our Road Trip tomorrow! 
To many pictures and my Puppies are being extra needing today of some TLC since there Momma was after all gone for a wholeee four days!! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

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