Cake, Pj's and Puppy Dogs

So Sorry for the lack of posts recently. The weekend was spent computer free with family & friends, garage sale hopping, a wonderful wedding shower, and shopping like a mad woman for last minute trip items. The week so far is going by so fast as well but that I don't mind because Thursday Me & J are leaving for our across the Texas Hill country Road trip! I can't wait. The basket of snacks for the car is full and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't already half way packed!! It's been awhile since just J & I had a road trip. I have a permanent extra large smile glued to my face this week!
I Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!

 I have now almost eaten the whole bag of these... Thanks a lot Easter Bunny!
 And this makes me laugh... My new Pajamas!
I love Pajamas. It is like my guilty pleasure.. yes I am an old lady my friends and family
tell me all the time, and yes I am wearing them right now and after I get done with this post
I am going to work on some needlework and put my hair in a little tight bun :)
 Jagger is playing sick today, He is a little worn out from his new workout plan haha!
 Lucy is worn out from... well just destroying her toys :) That's my girl!

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