Whats in the Hole?

So my plan was to get up this Morning and write out our little Drama Story
 we had last night but I woke up this morning to another little Surprise!
So to start you at the beginning, yesterday around 4:00 I went to let Lucy
out the backdoor to go to the bathroom. As I was shutting the door I noticed this
 long gray tail hanging out of the lock hole. I just about died!
 I'm pretty tough when it comes to Snakes and Critters.
I've had to kill a few snakes in my day but after Jagger getting bit in the face by a baby 
copperhead and spending the night in the hospital it kinda freaked me out! So I yelled to Lucy to get her little butt back in the house and slammed the door. I could still see his tail from INSIDE the house because there is such a big gap between the door and the wall so I grabbed some duck tape and sealed the door! 
Ahh! Me and My mom were freaking out like what do we do?? 
She is now standing on the kitchen chair about to cry. I swear she is the biggest wimp ever!!! 
She has been known to yell for help because she saw a little mouse tail... numerous times... 
and both times they were already dead just laying there helpless. Poor Mice.
So anyways the door is sealed up and we immediately called Jeremy because I know he gets off at 5 so I thought maybe he could leave a little early to come help us! He says he will be here in 30 minutes! 30 Minutes! So he finallyyy gets here and pulls away the tape, our plan is to put a cup up to the hole and it will just hopefully go into it. He opens the door and NOTHING! Nothing at all! 
Great so now we have this Snake/Lizard we don't know what it is crawling around somewhere. 
We notice down in the key hole it actually goes down really far so we are thinking he could have crawled down there for safety! So what comes to my mind hmm.. Reynolds foil wrap of coarse. So we shove some deep down in the hole and think yay its trapped!
Then comes this morning my mom is freaking out and screaming the Snake Lizard is back.
The door is sealed shut with tape again haha at this point. I just have to laugh out loud but still very freaked out if it is a Snake. So Now this is currently the situation, we have taped a bag over the hole and are hoping it will come out and reveal its self... its got to get hungry at some point right!? 

Dear, Snake Lizard
We don't want to kill you or hurt you we just don't want you in the house, 
so please come out soon.


  1. Oh man! I've been there. We've had numerous critter visits. We've had squirrels, rats, birds. All of which usually find their way into the walls or up into the attic. *sigh* It's not fun and I'm usually your mother, on top of something yelling for someone else to take care of it. lol

  2. I am the exact same way! I don't mess around with rodents. I would have freaked out & made contraptions for trap it just like you!!