So this weekend I had dinner with a new sweet friend, 
As we talked and shared stories, laughed and shared a yummy pizza.
It got me thinking how long it had been since I had a girls dinner.
It also got me to thinking of all the wonderful amazing women I have met from this blog,
and how I would oh so love to have wonderful dinner dates with each of you!
 What stories would you share, whats on your mind this week!
If I were to share my stories with you it might sound a little something like this.

I'd most likely first ask how you and your family are,
 If there was anything you needed and if so how could I help.
I would probably talk about my Dogs way too much!

 I would tell you about Me and J starting a new little project of our Own
and I am super excited about it.
 I'd tell you how I can't wait for Summer,
and all the Pretty Peachy Coral colored stuff coming out this Season.
 My favorite outfit any given day of the week... My Pajamas.

I'd talk about how I have always had this endless aching in my heart for helping others
& how I'm always wishing I could do more.
I would wanna know if there were any Charities or Stories that are close to your Heart.
I'd probably be itching my nose a lot and complain how I wish these Allergies would go away,
 and how I'm missing out on all this Sunny Weather.

I would probably talk about Jeremy and something goofy he just did.
I'd tell you about my Family and that we are very close.
I'd talk about my Dreams and I'd Listen to Yours.

I'm sure we would Laugh and eat way to much.
We'd of coarse share a Dessert.
And I would give you a big huge hug... I believe in a good hug!
But I'd hope that more than anything after our girls date you would leave feeling Happy and at Peace.
That you would know I am so very Thankful for our Friendship
and I will Cherish it in a Special place of my Heart.

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