Our Week in Photo's

 This week has actually been pretty busy, hints the lack of posts for this week.
For most people it was Spring break so there were lots of hellos & how are you's, yummy dinners and visiting with old friends. I didn't take very many pictures (sad face) I've been debating writing on my hand TAKE MORE PICTURES in hope's that it would help me remember to capture all these great little moments from each week! The puppy dogs have been enjoying this pretty weather... I have been trying but my face swells up like a balloon and I go into huge sneeze attack mode from whatever has been in the air! Hopefully this allergy medicine will kick in quickly, I've got some Sunshine I need to be Soakin' up!

Here is a funny little story for ya! 
Me and my Mom stopped by Jason's Deli on Monday to grab some dinner, we ordered our food to go and helped ourselves to the Salad bar while we waited. We got our food and headed to the car, she says mannn I got a bunch of those yummy crackers for us to snack on, I laughed out loud and started pulling them out of my pockets and purse! Me too!! If you know me you know I love all things cheap or even better FREE! Haha when we go home we added up our pretty little cracker collection, needless to say we will be snacking on crackers for awhile! Keep in mind the picture above is about half of what we had, after eating most of them on the ride home!
I guess the sayings true "Like Mother Like Daughter!" 

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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