Lizard or Snake?

The Little Critter revealed itself late Yesterday Afternoon!
We had left the zip-loc bag over the hole like I showed yall yesterday
in hopes that it would crawl in there and we would have it trapped. 
I was leaving to run errands so I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before I left 
I checked the bag... A long huge tail was half way in it as it was still hanging out the hole. 
I thought ahhhh this is it!!! I pressed down on the tail scared to death and this Little Lizard Squirmed and ran into the bag!! Haha I did it... and more thankfully it was a LIZARD not a Snake! 
 Thank you lord! Woo no snake!

Part of me thought aww he's kinda cute maybe I should just let him live in there.. 
but then I though how sad it would be to lock the door one night and hear a very sad squish. 
So I opted for the letting him go freely option!! 
Once I got him in the bag me and the dogs found him I nice little grassy area to call his new home! 
And if his tail looks a little short, a few inches broke off during the bag transfer :( 
but I was told that is there defense mechanism and it didn't cause him any pain!

Dear, Snake Lizard
I know you are not a Snake and I am very thankful for that
but you will forever be known as our little Snake Lizard! 
I have to say I kinda missed your little tail this morning...
that is now that I know your not a Snake!! 
I hope you have made friends with some other fellow Lizards,
Don't be a stranger Stop by and say hi every now and then.

p.s. Just don't let my mom see you :) she might cry!


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