Monday me and my Mom had to run into Dallas to pick a few things up while we were there we thought we would run into North Park (a mall) to eat lunch and look around for a little. We decided on Corner Bakery, so good!! We ordered our food and were sitting off to the side waiting for it to be delivered. These two children were all by themselves, a little girl probably about 7 and a little boy probably around 3. I kept thinking where is their mom, I knew she had to be somewhere because the little girl had a credit card in her hand and the little boy was trying to buy a cookie. The lady at the counter said he would have to wait to order till his mom got here, so I handed him a couple packets of crackers to tide him over. A few minutes later their mom showed up and she pushed in two huge strollers with triplets in them. I thought to my self oh my gosh what a tough chick bringing your triplets and two other children to the mall. Her Children were all being little angels I just might add. I was very impressed! So anyways, as she comes into the little shop my Mom starts trying to talk to her. She said "Oh my you have triplets"... the lady kinda looked at her from the corner of her eyes and ignored her. She got a little closer and said it again, I would have probably not said anything again but that's just my mom. So she says "Oh my you have triplets" and the lady says very shortly.. yes. 
My mom continues to try to talk to her as she's down on her knees trying too fix the wheel of her stroller. "Wow they are so beautiful"...the woman replies "Would they be any less beautiful if they weren't triplets?" We were both kind of caught off guard but my mom replied by saying "Well no I just meant how wonderful it is that you were blessed three times all at once." She replies again very short "No Seven." At this point we could tell she was a little in distress and didn't want to talk so we said goodbye to the little children and told them we hoped they had good day. As we left I felt bad for this lady, my mom was kinda like well that was rude, but I mean seriously I can't even imagine having triplets, two huge strollers, and two other children all by myself at the mall. It's times like these when most people would think wow she wasn't very nice, but I think it's so important to put yourself in their shoes and be as kind and helpful as possible. Yes we were trying to help and be kind to her and yes she didn't give in and be nice back but, If nothing else maybe later that night she will think wow those two women were so nice to me and it'll make her want to be nicer. You shouldn't be nice to someone just because they are being nice back you should be nice to someone because they are a person just like you.

I believe when you are nice to someone it will make them want to be nice as well, 
then they will be nice to someone and that person will be nicer so on and so on.

I also believe that when you do small acts of kindness, 
It might make someone else want to do something nice.

It's so important to treat people with nothing but love and kindness no matter how they treat you because in the end I promise it will make a difference for good somewhere.

I wish that we lived in a world where everyone helped each other and was kind to each other, but sometimes that isn't the case. You never know what another person is going through so treat them well the way you would want them to treat you, and maybe... just maybe... it will start a domino effect.

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