Behind this Smile

Behind this Smile, I am thanking God for all the wonderful Blessings he has put in my Life,
I am taking into consideration all the Small Things that are sometimes easy to take for Granted.
I find myself often when complaining about something as dumb as my Car, or there's no Hot Water 
telling myself somewhere someone doesn't have these luxuries
and would be so Thankful to have them.
It's keeps me Thankful and Humbled at some of the Worlds Distress.
Behind this Smile Is someone who is Gracious to Listen to your Stories.
Behind this Smile is someone in need of doing Something Bigger.
Behind this Smile I am Happy for your Friendship.
Behind this Smile is me thinking of something Goofy my Mom has done recently,
or a something Funny Jeremy has said.
Behind this Smile is still my Child like Imagination that every little Critter or Bug has
it's own Unique Personality and Voice.
Behind this Smile is me trying to find the Little Joys in Life. Some days are not always Good
but I think it helps to find the Beauty in the Little Things.
Behind this Smile is me thinking of the Future, Jeremy says to "Live in the Now"
but I can't help to think of one day being a Mom and having a Home of our own.... 
I can't wait for this Wonderful Day!
Behind this Smile is a hopeless Romantic.
Behind this Smile I am learning to Loose Control
and put Faith in God for the things He has planned for Me...
Stop thinking I know it all (It's so much easier this way).
Behind this Smile is me being able to make someone else Smile.

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