Behind this Smile

Behind this Smile, I am thanking God for all the wonderful Blessings he has put in my Life,
I am taking into consideration all the Small Things that are sometimes easy to take for Granted.
I find myself often when complaining about something as dumb as my Car, or there's no Hot Water 
telling myself somewhere someone doesn't have these luxuries
and would be so Thankful to have them.
It's keeps me Thankful and Humbled at some of the Worlds Distress.
Behind this Smile Is someone who is Gracious to Listen to your Stories.
Behind this Smile is someone in need of doing Something Bigger.
Behind this Smile I am Happy for your Friendship.
Behind this Smile is me thinking of something Goofy my Mom has done recently,
or a something Funny Jeremy has said.
Behind this Smile is still my Child like Imagination that every little Critter or Bug has
it's own Unique Personality and Voice.
Behind this Smile is me trying to find the Little Joys in Life. Some days are not always Good
but I think it helps to find the Beauty in the Little Things.
Behind this Smile is me thinking of the Future, Jeremy says to "Live in the Now"
but I can't help to think of one day being a Mom and having a Home of our own.... 
I can't wait for this Wonderful Day!
Behind this Smile is a hopeless Romantic.
Behind this Smile I am learning to Loose Control
and put Faith in God for the things He has planned for Me...
Stop thinking I know it all (It's so much easier this way).
Behind this Smile is me being able to make someone else Smile.


The Past Few Day's

Our weekend went by way too fast but oh boy was it a good one!
Friday me and my Mom had a little girls shopping day around town followed by a yummy dinner.
Saturday morning, Me and Jeremy had a couples wedding shower, it was so nice seeing everyone and it couldn't have been prettier weather. We then raced across town for Jeremy's little nephew, Aiden's birthday party. He is such a little angel. I cant believe he is already three! It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital waiting room waiting for someone to tell us "He's Here! He's here!" 
Mez you are one lucky Momma!

And have I told you how cute he is.. I mean look at those dimples!!
I could just hug him and kiss those sweet cheeks all day!

Sunday was full of surprises...
Including a leak that has appeared somewhere in my parents downstairs 
which led to stinky soaking wet carpet.
And look at this big guy who we found stuck in the middle of the road, 
don't worry we helped him across!

 Check out that nose. He was a funny looking dude.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool with these guys.

And then a little of this.

And I would like to do a shout out to one of my most loyal readers!
Sven your the bomb!


31 Bits

I just discovered 31 Bits and I have fallen in love, 
I would take one of everything if I could!
There Jewelry is super Pretty and Simple,
 plus it goes for a very great cause.
What more could a girl ask for,
 Jewelry thats pretty and helps others.
Read more here.
Shop here.
31 Bits
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Lizard or Snake?

The Little Critter revealed itself late Yesterday Afternoon!
We had left the zip-loc bag over the hole like I showed yall yesterday
in hopes that it would crawl in there and we would have it trapped. 
I was leaving to run errands so I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before I left 
I checked the bag... A long huge tail was half way in it as it was still hanging out the hole. 
I thought ahhhh this is it!!! I pressed down on the tail scared to death and this Little Lizard Squirmed and ran into the bag!! Haha I did it... and more thankfully it was a LIZARD not a Snake! 
 Thank you lord! Woo no snake!

Part of me thought aww he's kinda cute maybe I should just let him live in there.. 
but then I though how sad it would be to lock the door one night and hear a very sad squish. 
So I opted for the letting him go freely option!! 
Once I got him in the bag me and the dogs found him I nice little grassy area to call his new home! 
And if his tail looks a little short, a few inches broke off during the bag transfer :( 
but I was told that is there defense mechanism and it didn't cause him any pain!

Dear, Snake Lizard
I know you are not a Snake and I am very thankful for that
but you will forever be known as our little Snake Lizard! 
I have to say I kinda missed your little tail this morning...
that is now that I know your not a Snake!! 
I hope you have made friends with some other fellow Lizards,
Don't be a stranger Stop by and say hi every now and then.

p.s. Just don't let my mom see you :) she might cry!



Whats in the Hole?

So my plan was to get up this Morning and write out our little Drama Story
 we had last night but I woke up this morning to another little Surprise!
So to start you at the beginning, yesterday around 4:00 I went to let Lucy
out the backdoor to go to the bathroom. As I was shutting the door I noticed this
 long gray tail hanging out of the lock hole. I just about died!
 I'm pretty tough when it comes to Snakes and Critters.
I've had to kill a few snakes in my day but after Jagger getting bit in the face by a baby 
copperhead and spending the night in the hospital it kinda freaked me out! So I yelled to Lucy to get her little butt back in the house and slammed the door. I could still see his tail from INSIDE the house because there is such a big gap between the door and the wall so I grabbed some duck tape and sealed the door! 
Ahh! Me and My mom were freaking out like what do we do?? 
She is now standing on the kitchen chair about to cry. I swear she is the biggest wimp ever!!! 
She has been known to yell for help because she saw a little mouse tail... numerous times... 
and both times they were already dead just laying there helpless. Poor Mice.
So anyways the door is sealed up and we immediately called Jeremy because I know he gets off at 5 so I thought maybe he could leave a little early to come help us! He says he will be here in 30 minutes! 30 Minutes! So he finallyyy gets here and pulls away the tape, our plan is to put a cup up to the hole and it will just hopefully go into it. He opens the door and NOTHING! Nothing at all! 
Great so now we have this Snake/Lizard we don't know what it is crawling around somewhere. 
We notice down in the key hole it actually goes down really far so we are thinking he could have crawled down there for safety! So what comes to my mind hmm.. Reynolds foil wrap of coarse. So we shove some deep down in the hole and think yay its trapped!
Then comes this morning my mom is freaking out and screaming the Snake Lizard is back.
The door is sealed shut with tape again haha at this point. I just have to laugh out loud but still very freaked out if it is a Snake. So Now this is currently the situation, we have taped a bag over the hole and are hoping it will come out and reveal its self... its got to get hungry at some point right!? 

Dear, Snake Lizard
We don't want to kill you or hurt you we just don't want you in the house, 
so please come out soon.


Spring is Here

What I am loving right now.
Spring Love
1. Me and J are getting Antsy with this Warm Pretty Weather! 
A Road Trip is in our near Future! Where to... is the question?

2. Amazima Necklaces Not only are these Necklaces pretty and colorful 
for Spring and Summer but they are for a great cause. Hand Crafted by women
 in Uganda 100% of the proceeds go to help feed starving children.

I just got these a few weeks ago and I am loving them, They are so comfy but still
fitted enough to not look sloppy. I've been wearing them with loose Flowy Tops.
They are currently out of stock online but I'm sure they still have them in stores.

4. The Pretty Loose Braided Buns I am seeing everywhere on Pinterest.

They would go with everything and are only 24.99!
I Love Target!

This would be so Comfy! Did I say Comfy!

8. Essie "Haute as Hello"  O.P.I. "Mod about You"   Essie "Mint Candy Apple"

It makes my hair so soft and smells like Summer.

Love this stuff too it makes your Hair smell so good
and Its all Organic so no Chemicals are going into your Hair.



So this weekend I had dinner with a new sweet friend, 
As we talked and shared stories, laughed and shared a yummy pizza.
It got me thinking how long it had been since I had a girls dinner.
It also got me to thinking of all the wonderful amazing women I have met from this blog,
and how I would oh so love to have wonderful dinner dates with each of you!
 What stories would you share, whats on your mind this week!
If I were to share my stories with you it might sound a little something like this.

I'd most likely first ask how you and your family are,
 If there was anything you needed and if so how could I help.
I would probably talk about my Dogs way too much!

 I would tell you about Me and J starting a new little project of our Own
and I am super excited about it.
 I'd tell you how I can't wait for Summer,
and all the Pretty Peachy Coral colored stuff coming out this Season.
 My favorite outfit any given day of the week... My Pajamas.

I'd talk about how I have always had this endless aching in my heart for helping others
& how I'm always wishing I could do more.
I would wanna know if there were any Charities or Stories that are close to your Heart.
I'd probably be itching my nose a lot and complain how I wish these Allergies would go away,
 and how I'm missing out on all this Sunny Weather.

I would probably talk about Jeremy and something goofy he just did.
I'd tell you about my Family and that we are very close.
I'd talk about my Dreams and I'd Listen to Yours.

I'm sure we would Laugh and eat way to much.
We'd of coarse share a Dessert.
And I would give you a big huge hug... I believe in a good hug!
But I'd hope that more than anything after our girls date you would leave feeling Happy and at Peace.
That you would know I am so very Thankful for our Friendship
and I will Cherish it in a Special place of my Heart.


Our Week in Photo's

 This week has actually been pretty busy, hints the lack of posts for this week.
For most people it was Spring break so there were lots of hellos & how are you's, yummy dinners and visiting with old friends. I didn't take very many pictures (sad face) I've been debating writing on my hand TAKE MORE PICTURES in hope's that it would help me remember to capture all these great little moments from each week! The puppy dogs have been enjoying this pretty weather... I have been trying but my face swells up like a balloon and I go into huge sneeze attack mode from whatever has been in the air! Hopefully this allergy medicine will kick in quickly, I've got some Sunshine I need to be Soakin' up!

Here is a funny little story for ya! 
Me and my Mom stopped by Jason's Deli on Monday to grab some dinner, we ordered our food to go and helped ourselves to the Salad bar while we waited. We got our food and headed to the car, she says mannn I got a bunch of those yummy crackers for us to snack on, I laughed out loud and started pulling them out of my pockets and purse! Me too!! If you know me you know I love all things cheap or even better FREE! Haha when we go home we added up our pretty little cracker collection, needless to say we will be snacking on crackers for awhile! Keep in mind the picture above is about half of what we had, after eating most of them on the ride home!
I guess the sayings true "Like Mother Like Daughter!" 

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!


We went Camping

This weekend we pitched a Tent and had a little Camp Out in my Room!
With all this rainy cold weather, we thought what could be better than snuggling up in a cozy tent
and watching movies all night! Me & J have been doing tent nights for years, it's one of our favorite things to do. I got snacks and pulled out the Christmas lights for a little sleeping under the stars type of feel! We watched "The Way". It was so so good, a must see! It's sad at parts and yes I did cry but it's a very good story. I love nights like these. A tent night has now been made a must for us every weekend!

I love nights like these with you my sweet Jeremy.
I hope we never become to old for Tent Nights.