Why do you blog?

A lot of people have been asking me this question recently and so I thought it would be fun to write a post about it. Most of the people who have asked this are people in my home town who have started reading and this is their first blog they have ever followed. When I first started reading blogs years and years ago, there were times when I would think how much time does this take from peoples lives... Whats the point? Knowing nothing at the time about following blogs, starting friendships with your readers, and just having this wonderful support system of smart, funny women who at times you think, man, I bet we would be great friends if we lived by each other! I never knew about this whole big wonderful blogging world, it's inspiring and powerful and makes you want to be a better person. 
It makes you want to DO MORE! 

I had debated for about a good year or so if I wanted to create a blog. 
Would I have time to devote to it if I was working full time? 
What would my blog be about?
 Would anyone even read? 

So I talked to Jeremy about it and he was just like go for it, do it for yourself.
That's when it hit me Do it for yourself!
If I started this blog with the intentions of doing it for myself, and along the way people liked it then that would just be and extra bonus. I wanted my blog to be a way for me to document this wonderful life, so if one day I wanted to look back it would be there.
I wanted it to be another way to express my love and gratefulness to my family and friends. 
I wanted it to be something that would make people smile and feel good after they read it, 
the way I felt after reading some of my favorite blogs. 
I wanted to write about things that are very special to my heart. 
I wanted people to feel inspired to do more!
I haven't been doing this that long but its amazing the people I have already met or got the chance to talk to. I have become friends with so many wonderful people that I otherwise probably would not have got the chance to meet. Everyone is so sweet and full of nothing but positive support. I love that blogging also gives you more opportunity's to bless people even if its just praying for them or sending them a little message saying hey I'm thinking about ya today I hope all is well.
 It really does mean more to people than you'll probably ever know!
 I am so thankful to all my new sweet friends, y'all are amazing.

Speaking of great people...
Tomorrow is the Dallas Shine event!
Ashley & Casey are putting it on. I'm going, are you?

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!
Kindness always.

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