Sick Day

This poor angel had a little minor day surgery today. He had a small tumor come up on his right ear about a month ago, it was only the size of about an M&M but it was slowly getting bigger and our vet advised us to go ahead and get it removed. So this Big Boy isn't feeling to good.
It is all snuggles and kisses at our house today.


  1. awww... so sad but so sweet. I am glad that they were to help him! Enjoy your snuggles :)

  2. my little fur baby had her spay on Wednesday, we are all about snuggles and kisses too :)
    Hope your baby is feeling better soon!

  3. sending hugs your way today!! xoxo

    1. Aww thank you sweet friend that means so much! We thankfully got good news back and he is as good as new! Sending love your way as well hope you are feeling a little better!