New Beginning's

Its been quite the week! 
A lot has been going on around here!
 For starters last Friday was my last day at my job... It has been something I was struggling with for a while and after lots of prayer, opportunity's have came about that I just can't pass up. 
It was very bittersweet... because on one hand I absolutely love everyone I worked with and all the lovely ladies who I get to help each day but on the other hand I have really had this calling in my heart that I am needed somewhere else, and I believe when god is calling you to do something you must listen! I have always had a special place in my heart for children but, my Sophomore year of high school a good friend of mine told me about the story of the Invisible Children organization in Africa. 
There website is here. Ever since then I have had this huge ever growing place in my heart for Africa and the people in it. I am so excited that I am going to be getting the chance to do a little work with the Invisible children team and if all goes right they will hopefully be bringing a beautiful Ugandan survivor as well as their story to my hometown Church. 
God is good and I know he has great things planned.
I am also so excited to be getting to do more of my Art, I haven't had much time in the past couple years or so but I have so many great ideas I've been storing up in a little journal for sometime now and I can't wait to actually have the time to work on some of them!
So then come's Saturday in honor of National Stand up to Cancer day...
Me, J, and my Mom got our cheeks swabbed for stem cells! We will now all be on the
National Stem Cell Registry for anyone in need of a Stem Cell Transplant! I'm praying for one of us to be able to help at least one person fighting this terrible battle! If all I have to do is donate a few stem cells to help someone feel a little bit better I will be more than happy to help all day long! 
I think everyone's known or has known someone who has been affected by cancer and so this is just a little way we can give back. I will tell you though Jeremy was very sad to find out after the fact that he couldn't participate because he had to have a tissue donor for his knee surgery :(
But at least he was willing and tried!
Later that day we had to help his family move into their new house!

And then....
We got to watch this Sweet Little Angel!
Meet Jeremy's little nephew Aiden!
Isn't he just the cutest! 
I could just kiss those sweet dimples all day!

We snuggled, ate Veggie Chips, shared a juicy juice and watched Dinosaurs!
I would say Saturday was a pretty good little day!
Sunday was of coarse stinky football! But we also had a little Momma drama!
Remember me telling you about her having her "Special Moments"... well we can add another one to the books! My Dad had barbequed chicken on the grill and my Mom's only job was to make mashed potatoes, seems easy enough huh? Well if you know my mom not so much! So she had just got done blending them all up and put them back on the stove to warm them up, well as she was stirring them a big air bubble of scalding hot potatoes flung up and splattered all in her eyes and on her eyelids. So all of a sudden she just starts yelling oh my gosh... oh my gosh.. so I ran over to her and it was hard not to laugh because I knew she was in pain but she literally had potatoes all over face and eyes. She's saying to me Lindsay can you see my eye does it look bad, but I'm like no.. no.. it doesn't look that bad but I really honestly can't even see her eye because it's still coated in a nice thick layer of white fluffy potatoes. So once she gets all the potatoes cleaned of her face and the night goes on the eyelids start to swell! She didn't want to go to the doctor because there was really nothing we thought they could do, plus we didn't want to have to wait in the ER! So she went to the doctor today and she has 2nd degree burns on her eyelids and both of her corneas have burns on them! So they gave her some eye drops, along with a couple other items!! 
I mean who burns there eyes with mashes potatoes... only my Mom!!
But hey thanks Mom for making Superbowl sunday a little more entertaining!!

This week has been full of suprises and blessings all in one! 
I am thankful for getting to do the things that make me happy.
And of coarse that my mom wasn't hurt too bad so that we can now look back and laugh!
Hehe Love ya Mom!

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