My Week in Photo's

Me and my Mom had a little girls day and went to Northpark... 
I got these little gold sparkly studs.
 This Snuggle Bug is feeling a lot better...
Buttered Chocolate Pop Tarts are a must!
A little time to Paint.
Sweet Pups.
Nothing Bundt Cake just opened in town and I am in Love.
Apples & Caramel
The most yummiest Chicken... Recipe coming soon!
My work Buddy!
I discovered Lucy's newest chew toy...
With all this beautiful weather, our summer swim season started yesterday. The dogs have been dieing to get into the pool and yesterday we let them! I will also let everyone know my mom's eyes are doing good and have finally healed (read what happened here). Last night she made mashed potatoes and this time she played it safe and put a lid over them plus her trusty safety goggles (thanks for sending these Allena, we got a good laugh out of them).


  1. A few things...
    1. your pups are the cutest.
    2. i have socks that look similar to lucy's chew toy (but i don't have a dog)
    3. love those stud earrings!


    *I'm hosting my very first give today on my blog!! Hope you'll check it out. :)

  2. yummy!!
    Totally looking forward to that receipe =)
    Much Love,