Everyone has there Own Path

"Listen for God's voice in everything you do and 
everywhere you go; He's the one that will keep you on track."
 -Proverbs 3:6

All my life I've always felt like I'm on a journey or path that most people may not understand. 
I get a lot of people always asking me what are you doing now, are you married, where are you working, what college did you go to. My answer usually leaves people a little at loss for words or you get a reply of oh that's neat. The truth is I didn't go to college, I could have if I wanted but I never felt that it was the right thing for me. I didn't fill out one college application my senior year of high school, I have never even seen a SAT or ACT. I am not married, not engaged and I'm ok with that. I have been with Jeremy for as long as I can remember and I know he is committed to me (our story here) and we are waiting till we are ready. I just quit my full time job about a month ago, I felt in my heart that I was being called in a different direction.

Now when I say this I often get a confused looked or a long pause, 
most people think your suppose to go to college, meet your soul mate, get married, have babies and live happily ever after. I'm sure they think I am naive or "I don't live in the real world", but if you're not doing what you feel in your heart is right then I don't want to "live in the real world". 
If everyone's story was the same then what would we be the fun in that.

I believe God has something great planned for my life, 
I will have a fulfilled life full of what I was put on this earth to do.
If that's dumb then call me dumb.

I will trust in God to provide for me the things he is calling me to do. 
Yes I'm only 23 and I do admit at times I wish I did already have it all figured out or what I was suppose to do would just be plopped right in my lap. But that just must not be his plan.
Yes I was scared when I quit my job, it was my security, this was me and J's plan to save up for the house we've always wanted. 
It's so crazy to me though that I have never felt a more calming sense of peace for where I'm at,
I fell content and I feel sure that what I am doing is the right thing.

I must trust in God to give me the right answers.

"God desires for us to live with a deep contentment in our hearts, 
but we can only experience this when we embrace 
His plan for our lives."


  1. Good for you for following your heart and trusting God to lead you in the right direction!! I'm stopping by from Casey's :)

  2. Loooove this! What looks crazy to some is just a walk of faith to the obedient, look at all the men/women of the Bible, God works in obedience not comfort zones!! Get it girl!

  3. This is my favorite!! Wonderful writing sister :)

  4. Courage and peace all at once. I am encouraged after reading this post. Thank you.

  5. I am just reading your blog after purchasing so many items from your shop - and how wonderful is this post! I am sure you can look back on this and say WOW.